Standing on top of a hill in Gulu, the 138-year-old Fort Patiko is a legacy to the work of explorer and anti-slave trade campaigner, Sir Samuel Baker.

    Fort Patiko at Ajulu was built

and occupied by the Arabs Slave traders before Sir Samuel Baker

    It was until 1872-1888 that Sir Samuel Baker and His wife Barbara came and settled there to combat slave trade and as a Governor of Eastern Equatorial Province.

   During their stay at Fort Patiko

Lady Barbara Baker became found

Of the local population and because of her warm and radiant towards the  was later nicknamed “ Anyadwe’’ by the locals, meaning the daughter

Of the moon.

It is from this, that our organisation

name is founded.


Miss Anyadwe(2008) at Ajulu.
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It was with great joy and pleasure for Miss Anyadwe UK(2008) to finally set foot at Fort Patiko where the name Anyadwe originates.














 Accompany by her Uganda counterparts,

Miss Anyadwe UK then set off on expedition on 25.08.2008 to Fort Patiko      

   During their expedition it was irresistible for Miss Anyadwe  to take some photos of the beautiful sceneries in and around the Fort.

       To view Miss Anyadwe’s photo collections simply click on the  Picture below.



On the 30/08/2008,Gulu town was coloured and packed with people from various walk of life as Anyadwe launched its cultural gala.       After the procession through the town, the  guests and the participants were later entertained by various groups at Diana garden.

Miss Anyadwe(2008) at Ajulu

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