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Biographical Information

Born in Hertfordshire in 1944, Michael grew up in post war Watford where there were still fields, woods, farms and rivers where he loved to be, along with visits to his grandparents who lived on a farm in Essex.

Trained in the print industry and studied in life classes at Watford School of Art, he preferred wildlife and the countryside.

Turning professional in 1985, turning his attention to dogs, childhood memories etc. In 1990 Michael moved to the Fens before moving back to hisfamilies roots in Norfolk.

Sadly Michael passed away suddenly on 27th August 2010 aged only at 66 years.

His work in now appreciated by collectors as his work appears on plates, mugs, clocks etc from Danbury Mint. Puzzles produced by Gibsons and The House of Puzzles.




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Penny Buns




Henshaws Mobile Shop




Geese On The Line




Bridge Motors



Broken Biscuits



Dadís Shed



Day Dreams



Threshing Day



Work In Progress



The Old Mill



Tea Time Train

(Size Approx 40cmx24cm)



Grow Your Own




Grandmaís Attic





Meeting the Neighbours




Keepers Return




Christmas Tide




Eggs and Cider






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