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Astrodome's unique Space Show has been delivered to over 4,000 schools in the U.K. and we have returned many times to these schools so they can see this exciting educational presentation again. We have featured on BBC Radio and have lectured in several institutions around the country. We are frequently one of the main attractions at the University of Kent's Space Open Days, Kent's Festival of Science and have also been seen on BBC TV, Meridian TV & Channel 4 Television for Schools programme.

Our Presentation: Astrodome offers an ASTRONOMY presentation, details of which can be found by clicking THE SPACE SHOW button on the left.

There are three levels of presentations: Infant, Junior and Senior. All are accompanied by master versions of preparation and follow-up material for the teacher to use in the classroom (these may be found in FACT FILES).

Each student will receive a certificate on the day of the visit (see picture on lower-left).

The shows are presented and operated by Kent astronomer Peter J. Golding, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society

Astrodome Presenter Peter Golding with Helen Sharman, the first British Astronaut in space.

The Astrodome certificate for the Space Show.

The Domes: Astrodome has three domes, the Standard-Dome, the Super-Dome and a very large 7 metre display dome (for public events only). All are made from a reinforced, flame-retardant, industrial grade fabric and are inflated by a high-velocity fan to a rigid structure in about five minutes. Air circulates throughout the dome and is exchanged every five minutes through a carefully designed ventilation system.

Entry into the Standard-Dome is via the front tube which is 56 inches high and 4 feet wide and into the Super-Dome via a large walk through side zip. Students and adults need only bend their heads to walk-through and there is easy wheelchair access. The base of both domes are entirely open to allow for easy emergency exit.

The Standard-Dome

Hall Requirements: It is important that the Hall is on the ground floor (unless there is a working lift nearby) with a flat surface of not less than 21ft. x 18ft. (6.4m x 5.5m) and a height of not less than 11ft. (3.2m) for the Standard-Dome, and 21ft. x 21ft. (6.4m x 6.4m) and a height not less than 13ft. (4.0m) for the Super-Dome, with a standard power supply nearby.

PLEASE check your hall size before booking!

Please note that the Astrodome cannot be taken up or down flights of stairs.

Prices: Astrodome is delivered straight to the safest environment of all - your own school hall - eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming coach trips.

Astrodome can visit your school for a morning, an afternoon, all day, or even evenings. Each presentation lasts approximately 45-50 minutes.

Pricing Details:

The Super-Dome

First Show

    Kent ....................................................

    London, Essex, East Sussex & Surrey

    West Sussex & Hertfordshire

Subsequent Shows

    per 2 classes ......................................

£140 minimum charge (2 classes)

£160 minimum charge (2 classes)

£170 minimum charge (2 classes)


Bookings: Please Contact Us via telephone or e-mail for Astrodome availability.

Bookings are now being taken for next year WITHOUT OBLIGATION.

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Prices for other areas or special events available on request.