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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse 7am 21-12-10  - EOS350d with 200mm lens. Handheld from bedroom window.


Moon 13-3-11  Just missed the occulation of Eta Gemini at 21:13 GMT.  COuldn't get the mount tracking properly and by the time I did it had gone!!! Darn!!

So took a short video with my Toucam 840 (Upgraded to 990) 15fps stacked in Registax5. (Bit too much wavelet added..will have a beter go at it later)

Saturn - Philips Toucam 840 (Unmodified) mounted on a 2xbarlow and Mead LX200 12" beloning to York Astronomical Society. A 2 minute video stacked in Registax.  the seeing was dreadful, but it's my first attempt at Saturn. I now have the bug and want to do more (and better).


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