Monday, August 08, 2011


The easiest DSLR long exposure timer on the planet. 

For all Canon EOS DSLRs that use a 2.5mm Jack plug for their remote release.

Aimed at the DSLR astro-photographer who is sick of trying to look at a watch and hold a cable release and red torch all at the same time.  Or who is tired of laptop timing programs with flat batteries and dew-filled keyboards.

This is a simple plug in handset that contains a small microcontroller, is Opto-isolated from your camera so no harm can come to it. The controls are VERY SIMPLE. A mode switch and a push button. The instructions are even printed on the back of the unit, just in-case you forget!

Standard model will be available for sale here in September this space!

See the prototype in action here: Bread-board prototype 7-08-11


How does it work?

  1. Use the handset manually by simply pressing the button once to start the exposure and again to stop the exposure
  2. Switch to AUTO mode and the Astrono-Timer will then copy your last exposure and keep taking identical timed shots
  3. To stop taking shots switch back to manual, or switch off the Astrono-Timer

It will even remember the time if you switch off and then switch back on again...even if you don't go back to it until next week!

Other features include:

Deluxe model features include: (Comming soon)

For more information please contact me at: rupert AT (Replace AT with @)


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