Roo's Knurling Calculator


Thursday, January 08, 2015

This calculator will work out the exact diameter you need to get a perfect knurl. It is based on Contrads Easy Knurling Method found on his website: If you need more information about how this works then read Conrad's explanation. All you really need to do is roll your knurling wheel (inked if neccessary) across a piece of paper and count the teeth over about a 4-5" distance. Then measure with a caliper between the first and last teeth you counted. Enter these two values into the calculator and it will calculate the perfect diameter based on the stock you are using. The default stock is 1/2" but you can enter the exact size of the stock you have in your lathe. The calculator will remember 4 sets of knurling wheels and store them in knurl_data.txt for the next time you run Roo's knurling calculator. Click here to download Roo's Knurling Calculator ( PS - You will need to install Python 3 on your machine to run it but it works fine on Windows/Mac and Linux (which is what it was written on). Extract the zip into a directory and either double-click (if Python3 is your refault python) or from a terminal/command-line type "python3". Any problems give me a shout.

Youtube video describing the whole process, including the machining is comming soon.


Click here to goto Conrads Easy Knurling metod web site.


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