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Staff and facilities

Birch Pet Hotel is a small family run business. In addition to the owners, Sue and Robert, who manage and oversee the running of the facilities, the staff includes a sub-manager, receptionist, groomer and a range of full and part time kennels attendants, with additional help being employed during the summer so that the level of care can be maintained year round. This high staffing level permits us to offer our canine visitors a daily walk, and the option of a play in oJessur enclosed paddock, in all but the most extreme weather conditions. Even then, the large covered runs accessed directly from their centrally heated living quarters permit them to get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

The management practices and the facilities available are under constant review and are inspected regularly by our veterinary advisors and the licencing authorities to ensure that the expected high standards are maintained.For security each block is separately alarmed and covered by CCTV cameras.

We have facilities for caring for a wide range of animals in addition to cats and dogs, i.e. we can also accomodate Guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, budgies, parrots etc. All individual feed and dietary requirements are catered for with most leading brands of foods, including a selection of specialist diets, being stocked in our shop. If a particular diet is not in stock we will order it if necessary for your pet.

Shop frontReception

On arrival, please present your pets' current vaccine certificate (and pet passport if you have one) at the reception desk. If you are unable to provide evidence of appropriate vaccination, i.e. a current vaccination certificate for cats and dogs, or your pet is showing any signs of infection, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT IT. Please click here to check which vaccinations we require and which are advisable for animals coming for boarding.

Health issues

Birch Pet Hotel aims to offer your pets the best of care and to help do so we follow the advice of our two veterinary advisors (one of whom is an RCVS recognised specialist). The reason for us insisting on vaccination* and freedom from signs of infection on arrival is that the risk of introducing and spreading infection is kept to a minimum.

Infections tend to spread when people (or animals) are grouped together as happens in offices and at the cinema. Think about the way flu and colds spread through classes in schools!. Where vaccines are available they not only offer protection to individuals who have been innoculated, providing enough individuals are covered, they also reduce spread of disease within communities. There are a wide range of safe and effective animal vaccines available. Some provide very good protection, others just reduce the severity of disease if it is picked up. Please seek and follow your veterinary surgeon's advice on vaccination.

With a large staff and kennel supervisors on the premises 24 hours a day, any medical problems are quickly recognised, and with the 24 hour veterinary cover provided by local practices, emergencies will be dealt with promptly. With a high staffing level and veterinary assistance on call 24 hours a day, Birch Pet Hotel is not only able to deal with emergencies promptly, we can cater for all individual needs, such as special diets or administration of medications and monitoring of chronic (non-infectious) conditions.

[Picture]Collections and deliveries

To assist those without their own transport we have a new collection and delivery service. We can call to collect and/or return your pets on certain days, but to be certain of availability this must be arranged well in advance. The collection and delivery service is applicable to pets for boarding, grooming and the K-9 Gym. Please contact us for details.


Rover swim

Fitness and Beauty

With our in-house fitness centre, the K9-gym, and the grooming parlour your pets can have additional exercise to maintain or improve their fitness level whilst with us and have a shampoo and set before they go home.


groom Ancillary facilities

Your pets do not have to be boarders to use our facilities, they can visit the grooming parlour or they can visit the the K9-gym for a swim, to use the walkers (i.e. canine running machines) or to use the spa tub and magnotherapy cabinet on a day visitor basis.


Pop In / Pop Out facility

For those who just need care for their pets during the day, we have a daily crèche facility. By prior arrangement you are able to pop your pets in and collect them later in the day within our normal working hours (see below). This is ideal if you don't wish to leave your pets on their own during the day.

Further information

Please feel free to contact us if you would like any further information, our contact details are set out below.

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Birch Pet Hotel Ltd.

500 Langley Lane, Birch, Heywood, Manchester, OL10 2QJ

Between Junction 19 on the M60 and Junction 19 on the M62!

Enquiries and reservations can be made over the phone: (+44) 0161 643 5489
or by e-mail: enquiries @ or reservations @

Shop and Reception Opening Hours

Mon - Sat     9.00 am - 5.00 pm 
Sundays      10.00 am - 4.00 pm 
Bank Hols    10.00 am - 3.00 pm 

Closed on Christmas day, Boxing day and New year's day

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