Ikea Hemnes

Converting TV bench to take Desktop PC or Large AV equipment & adding RGB cabinet LED lighting



Standard TV bench



Converted TV bench





1. Cut down drawers to make space for lower shelf


Cut tops of drawers to required hieght







2. Modifying left & right side panels

Fit extra shelf batten to both side panels leaving existing in place.






Wiring RGB LED Light Strips

The light strips are controlled by an infrared remote.

The kit came with 5 meters of LED strip a PSU a remote and a controller.

The control allows you to select any colour and brightness as well as different flashing sequence and auto fades.

The LED strips fit neatly down the door pillars and 12v power can be fed from the existing cut out in the rear of the bases or

from new notches cut from the removable base panels.

Strips are cut to length and joined with flat 4 core cable soldered to the copper pads.

Black to 12v

G to Green

R to Red

B to Blue

You can buy connectors if you don't want to solder.

4 core cable

I wired my layout with the first feed coming out from the control box connector. The link cable was then soldered direct to the PCB in the control box.

I routed this under the TV bench then soldered a length LED of strip to this cable and fed it up the right hand column.  Another length of link cable was then soldered at the top of this length and taken along the top rail

to be joined to the final LED strip gong down the left hand pillar. A 5 meter LED strip cut into 3 equal length is just enough to feed the cabinets and provide very bright lighting.



LED Strip locations/routing


Using remote any colour light is available including white



Completed unit as PC workstation with internet servers