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Slave Clocks

12" Pulsytronic Regulator Clock Slave with Hours, Mins & Seconds driven by Master clock pulses


You Tube video in HD showing this clock working


Slave Regulator & Repeater Circuit Diagram

Repeater Circuit

The 1 sec clock drive from the master can only drive around 3 quartz clock motors. The repeater above uses a 4093b in a NOT configuration.

 The alternating plus and minus output from the master is fed into the pairs of gates IC1a&b and IC1 c&d and is inverted.

Each pair of gates can now drive 3 1 sec clock motors. Each output is adjusted by a variable resistor to suit the number and type of

 1 sec clock motor.  Zener diodes protect the output from any back emf produced by the clock motor drive coils.

Regulator Clock Circuit

The regulator is built into a 12" office clock case and uses 3 movements all driven from the quartz motor driver output of the master.

I have used a standard movement for the secs, a high torque movement for the mins (as the dial is 12") and a 24hr movement for the hours.

All movements have their quartz drive circuitry removed and connection made to each drive coil for driving from the master.

The clock incorporates a repeater circuit that can drive 6 quartz clock motors (3 per pair of gates). Extra repeaters can be added as required.

The switches are used to set the regulator in synch with the master. The seconds hand can be stopped or stepped forward for easy synchronisation.

SW2 stops the second hand and connects SW1. SW1 is a 3 position switch with centre off. To step the 2nd hand the switch is cycled

up and down rapidly producing the alternating plus and minus condition required to step the 2nd hand clock motor.

VR3 reduces the current to the motor and is adjusted to give a nice step to the motor.



Clock opened to show movements, wiring & pulse repeater board.




Right side of clock showing access door to clock setting

and synchronisation controls




Slave No2 12" Office Dial



12" Slave 1 IMG_665520091008-01cutout 

Slave No1 12" Office Dial

12" Slave 2 IMG_665720091008-01cutout

Slave No2 12" Office Dial

 8" Slave clock IMG_666620091008-01cutout

Slave No3 8" Office Dial



 12" Office Dial Slave Clock Arabic IMG_667520091010-01

Slave No 4 12" Office Dial



 Standard 12" Office dial Slave at midnight



Slave Binary Clock  
Binary Clock



You Tube Video in HD



Binary Slave working demo.

This binary clock dates back from 1996 see schematic below.

Download full size schematic below





Slave Meter Clock

 Meter Clock

Slave Meter Clock Shows Hours Mins & Seconds on 3 Voltmeters.

Based on a project by Alan Parekh. Clock uses PIC16F628A to drive 3 voltmeters for Hours Mins and Seconds. Chime is via my masterclock pulses that drive a ISD1700 series record and playback chip.