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Books are £12.00 each.
Available from Kemp town Bookshop,or order from:
Dave Bangs:78
  Ewhurst Road, Brighton, BN2 4AJ.
Tel: 620815.

Like the tropical Bahamas... Like a belting hot desert... Lumbering Mammoth in the distance... Funeral pyres and Sea-Eagles... slow moving flocks of sheep with clinking bells... Giant Bustards "like heaps of snow on legs".

All these are snapshots of Whitehawk Hill in the distant past, and there have been many memorable sights in more recent times:  Two or three centuries of horse-racing... Allotment gardens for two miles   The Workhouse high on the hilltop.

Despite all the onslaught of buildling  development and the damage done by neglect, Whitehawk Hill still clings on to its special treasures: Adonis Blue butterflies like bits of the sky fallen to earth; spiders older than the dinosaurs; prairie and alpine flowers; a unique beetle known nowhere else in Britain... Will these things survive for our grandchildren?

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