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We are a stockist of:

Silverline Tools

covering a large range of popular manufacturers including:

Irwin / Marples
Hamlet Craft Tools
Monument Tools.

We are able to supply a large range of tools from a wide variety of manufacturers, usually by the next day. This means that the range of products available to us far outweighs the products we are able to stock, but we are happy to take orders by e-mail or over the phone.

The following is a general guide to our available stock, and we can order anything from the companies listed on the left. We offer competitive trade prices to everyone, so if you see something you like just give us a ring or send us an e-mail and we'll place an order for you.

Most items are available in both 'DIY' quality and 'Professional' standard, to meet the needs of as many different jobs as possible.


A full range of trowels from Marshalltown and others, margin, pointing and plastering trowels, small tools (leaf & square tools) in many different sizes, hawks and floats in different sizes and materials, profiles and profile spares (kept in stock for immediate pickup), wheelbarrows, shovels, buckets (regular, plasterer's buckets and Gorilla tubs), brick tongs and bolsters (all sizes), sledgehammers, mattocks and picks (with replacement handles/heads), brick line (selection of length and materials) and lump hammers in all sizes.


Hammers in all shapes and sizes, full range of Stanley/Stabila/Irwin levels covering all sizes, full range of Jack/Stanley saws, Shark saws (including spare blades), circular saw blades in all sizes and teeth grades, bandsaw blades in all sizes and teeth grades (for both Black & Decker and Burgess fittings), surforms in a range of sizes, styles, and materials - including spare blades, a full range of planes including spare blades and a variety of chisel sizes from Marples, Stanley, and others.

Power Tools

Power tools can be supplied from Silverline, Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Draper, and many others - the full range is available, from bench mounted workshop tools to small hand drills, send us an e-mail for a price quote or to ask for a catalogue.

Power Tool Accessories

Angle grinding discs in all sizes, for all materials, to cut or to grind; diamond discs, SDS plus drills and chisel bits in a wide range of sizes and lengths, Rawlplug, Rebak, and other masonry drills in all sizes and lengths; a full range of replacement chucks and chuck adaptors; HSS drills - normal, long series and cobalt - available individually in all sizes; Blacksmith's drills up to 25mm, Holesaws up to 157mm and a range of core drills and accessories.

Health and Safety

Safety helmets and hard hats, wellington boots (including steel toecaps) from size 6 to 12, Hi-Vis jackets and coveralls in a range of sizes, ear protectors and plugs, visors, safety goggles and glasses, dust masks, respirators and replacement filters, a range of gloves (builder's grippy gloves, riggers, PVC, gauntlets, etc), and knee pads.


Screws available in various sizes and types, nails available loose by weight, frame fixings and Rawlplugs, bolts in a variety of sizes, drywall screws, and stainless steel screws available on request.

Sealants and Glues

A full selection of sealants available from stock immediately, mastic guns, PVA woodglues, Araldite, a range of superglues and plastic glues.

Hand Tools

A full range of screwdrivers, including jeweller's, stubby, and insulated; full range of Knipex, Wiss and Stanley pliers and snips (among others), wrenches, waterpump pliers, stilsons, drainage cleaning and cover lifting tools, and a full range of spanners and sockets available individually or in sets, from Draper, Britool, Teng and others.


Brushes - artists and wallpaper, both quality and budget; fillers, filling knives and scrapers in all sizes, dust sheets available in both plastic and cotton twill.


Brushes and brooms, 10 - 24 inches in bristle and coconut fibre, nylon brooms and brushes, hand brushes of various types and sizes, and a range of tapes (gaffa, electrical, masking, parcel, and others).


Full range of plumbing tools, lead dressing tools, solder and soldering irons, fluxes, blowlamps and spare gas bottles.

Other Services

Key cutting from 1, car keys 2.50; sharpening service (mild steel blades, chisels, etc).

If there is anything you have seen that is not listed here, e-mail us and let us know or ask for a price. We reply to all queries as soon as we can, and are open to phone calls Monday - Saturday.

Bristol Tools Ltd, 166 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, BS7 8NT. Tel: 0117 9247413.