Winter Birding in the
Evros Delta

Winter sunset with Dalmatian Pelican over the Drana Lagoon, Evros Delta



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A Photographic Journey
Bill Baston
Richard Brooks

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In north-eastern Greece, on the border with Turkey, the Evros Delta is a vast tract of unspoilt wilderness, extending over more than 150 square kilometres,
just waiting to be explored.

Egrets and Herons in the reedbeds,

horses roaming the marshes,

Swans over the lagoons,

... and raptors "Evros which way you look".
(Original puns sole copyright of Richard Brooks)

immature Golden Eagle

Female Marsh Harrier

Spotted Eagle

"Special birds" in the Delta area include Dalmatian Pelican, Pygmy Cormorant, Spotted, Imperial and White-tailed Eagle, Black Vulture, massed gatherings of Red-breasted Geese, Syrian Woodpecker, wintering flocks of Calandra Larks - to name but a few.

But what's going on here?
"Drama on the Drana Lagoon"?

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