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The Latest News from Bexrose  -  30 June 2005


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Latest Rose Bulletin
July 2005 Edition of Bexrose Newsletter, recently added.

The Tony Bracegirdle Guide to Showing Roses
The secrets of successful rose exhibiting from our current National Champion, Tony Bracegirdle, together with some tips on miniature roses from Dr Tommy Cairns of International Fame!

A Selected List of Roses for Exhibition
A list of roses for exhibition purposes has been prepared by our current National Champion. Just for you!


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Membership is still open, to all, at a very modest cost and is probably the best value Rose Society there is going.


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A copy of the latest newsletter in electronic form. Note that articles for the newsletter are always appreciated, so if you have something that you think may be of interest to the membership then please let our editor have it.


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Meetings are held every month, except for December, these cover a number of horticultural, and related subjects, as well as roses. During the season competitive table shows are put on at the monthly meeting place.


Holidays and Excursions
Outings to places of interest and occasional holidays are organised for the members at very reasonable prices.


Rose Shows
The society puts on an Open Rose Show once a year, generally held in June. Also various table shows are staged at the monthly meeting place. Dates for other interesting events are also listed.


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A collection of articles and photographs of interest to the general gardener and the rose enthusiast, we hope.


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