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About Cambridgeshire Software House

Cambridgeshire Software House was formed in 1980 at a time when 'computing' in U.K. schools was more akin to pioneering than hardcore education! We published our first program on a Commodore PET 32K computer in 1981 with graphics made up from squares, rectangles, triangles and circles! Since then, we have designed, programmed and published over 500 pieces of software, won many awards and have worked on a wide variety of topics ranging from Egyptology to excavating the Tudor warship 'Mary Rose'. We have always tried to produce software with our end users in mind and have tried to make it interesting, informative and relevant.

To that end, we went through the 1980's and early 1990's working predominantly on Acorn computers and produced programs such as 'Expedition to Saqqara', 'Frontier 2000', 'Adventure Island' and twice wrote programs about the 'Mary Rose'. Many of you will also know us for our maths based racing car simulation, 'Cars - Maths in Motion' - first published in 1984 and in our catalogue ever since!  

We are a small family based company, that prides itself on the depth and educational relevance of what we produce - we haven't lasted 33 years in the industry for nothing! We continue to publish programs and in recent years have been heavily involved in the Jaguar Cars Maths in Motion Challenge for Schools.

As to the future, who knows? However, we intend to be around for a while yet as we still enjoy what we do, are as enthusiastic as ever and still think that our children's education is the most important investment anyone can make. We hope you do too!