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What can we offer?

We aim to provide a flexible service based on the carer's requirements.

We employ Personal Support Workers to work in the community with adults who have a learning disability to relieve the main carer from the pressure of caring.

Over the years the emphasis has changed from staff staying in the client's home to more requests to encourage adults with a learning disability to make choices about the activities they engage in within their community.

Duties can include, shopping, swimming, hospital visits, attending parties and clubs, discos and support to attend a college course. We may also stay in the home to provide time for carers to relax, enjoy an outside interest or attend a social event.

The service is designed to meet each carer's specific needs and provides a person centered approach to providing an individual care plan to the adult with a learning disability. The importance of familiar staff attending regularly is recognised.

We also provide a service to those wishing to purchase care hours using direct payments or individualised budgets.

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