Gill Rocca

Gill Rocca is an internationally renowned artist selling widely across the globe. Her work can regularly be seen in prestigious art fairs and galleries from London to Hong Kong, Melbourne and Montreal and is highly sought after. She was recently featured in the Guardian Culture Section On My Radar and given the demand for her work we only have three pieces to offer for sale as part of this curated show.

Gill's work captures Northern landscape with a unique intensity. Her compositions are balanced with a mathematical beauty which lends them a macabre delicacy. There is a deep poetry that speaks of the deserted loneliness of a film still to be found with in her immaculately executed paintings. The flawlessness of the brush stokes speaks of quiet control and her mastery of colour transports the viewer to another sublimely beautiful place.

These three paintings are miniatures on the same stone resin tablets used by museums for the presentation of specimens and artefacts.

Jamie Holman

Jamie Holman is an artist with a multidisciplinary practice encompassing photography, print, sculpture and text whose early works were predominantly in video, audio and performance. He lives in the Lune Valley and is currently leading the Fine Art BA at Blackburn College. His work has been exhibited worldwide and he is a contributing editor for the Saatchi Gallery Magazine, Art and Music. Jamie will exhibiting at the Venice Biennale as part of Visions, Anima Mundi Festival at the Palazzo Ca' Zanardi from September to November 2017.

Jamie's current work explores the issues surrounding the 2004 drowning of the Chinese cockle pickers at Morecambe Bay through a series of beautifully cast cockle shells found on the beach. The work is a poignant exploration of the physicality of the objects that led to so much loss of human life. The shells are cast in lead, reminiscent of the weight of human life. There will be one lead cockle per dead worker.

The betrayal of these enslaved workers, the enrichment of their masters and the blind eye we all turn to modern slavery is hauntingly captured by the unexpected appearance of silver found within the finished lead shells.

Katherine Jones

Katherine Jones is a multi award winning artist predominantly known for her innovative approach to printmaking and painting. She is showing new work at the Royal Academy of Arts Keeper's House and is currently making new work at the Rabley Drawing Centre as an invited Artist in Residence. Her work is highly sought after and hangs in both public and private collections worldwide including the V&A Prints and Drawing Collection, The House of Lords and The Ashmolean Museum.

Katherine's approach to print making is ground-breaking. She adopts a multidisciplinary approach to her practice using many techniques such as digital, collagraph and copper etching plates. Her work has cleanliness of colour and a sharpness of technique and she regularly collaborates with master printmakers such as Simon Marsh and Mike Taylor at Paupers Press.

Katherine's printmaking practice is carefully researched. She makes drawings, watercolours and maquettes. She describes her work as 'unresolved' until it has been explored though print. The work often has an architectural feeling where she creates other worldly landscapes. Crisply printed structures stand clearly against organic growth. The viewer is placed within the landscape from a point of view that is almost voyeuristic. There is an uneasy feeling of discovery heightened by the sharpness of focus that Katherine creates through her use of colour and her technical brilliance.

Alexander Appleby

Alexander trained as a chef and has worked in Michelin Starred kitchens in the Lake District. He is a young Northern artist who has returned to his first love of painting, although he always considered his work as a chef as art. He has just had his first submission accepted into the Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries and is currently studying for his Foundation year. He regularly works at Bellwood and Wright and is brother to Louis Appleby.

Alexander is a careful and talented draughtsman with a unique and highly intuitive handling of paint, colour and an immensely strong sense of composition. This no doubt impressed the judges at the Discerning Eye. His paintings reflect and consider items of news, creating imaged illustrative scenes and film stills. Beautifully observed figures stand with imagined landscapes, often inspired by film stills and popular culture.

Louis Appleby

Louis Appleby is a young artist who, up until beginning his MA at the Royal College in London, was living and painting in Lancaster. His work is internationally collected and he is currently part of the Contemporary Masters from Britain exhibition touring China. He regularly exhibits both in the North and major London Art Fairs.

There is a careful consideration within Louis' work where each strand of carpet is repetitively produced in highly finished technicolour and wood grain is reproduced in almost 3D. A highly accomplished draughtsman, Louis alters the laws of perspective in his paintings creating a feeling of unease. His screens gaze out at the viewer with knowing, blinking their uncomfortable images. His interiors reflect the late nineties and early 2000s of his childhood and consider the world that his generation has inherited. His points of reference are American cartoons, music and world news. Each of Louis' paintings take months to complete, with some taking up to a year. We have three box framed works on paper to offer for sale.

Sarah Jane Bellwood

Sarah Jane Bellwood