Louis Appleby Sarah Jane Bellwood Kate Bentley Piers Browne Henrietta Corbett Lesley Edmondson Donald Hamilton Fraser David Harkins Freya Horsley Ben Mcleod Chris Mouncey Erin Ward
Louis Appleby

Louis is currently living and working in Lancaster after graduating from the Wimbledon College of Art in 2014. He has work in the Landmark Plc collection and has exhibited in the Lynn Painters-Stainer's Competiton at the Mall Galleries, London; the Salt Water Felon Group Show, London; The London Collection at Westfield West London and Open Up North Finalist's Exhibition, Kendal, winning a place on the Emerging Artist Programme run by the Castlefield Gallery in Manchester.

Sarah Jane Bellwood

Born in Leeds in 1967, Sarah obtained a 1st class degree at St Martins, Lancaster in 2004, where she subsequently lectured part time and works in paint and print. Sarah lives in Lancaster and is a founding partner of Bellwood and Wright Fine Art.

"My current work marks a return to the obsessive, meticulous observational drawing and painting of my very early years, resulting in a series of detailed watercolours featuring dead bumblebees, antique handmade cutlery and other found objects, set out as still life Memento Mori. In assembling the subjects for these paintings I have been struck by the parallels between the social creatures who form the foundations of our food chain with their queens and expendable workers and our own social structures; the structures they create and the items created by human hands in a pre-industrial era, all subject to the same decay and entropy."

Kate Bentley

Kate is an award-winning professional painter and printmaker based in the English Lake District in the Lyth valley.

She is an elected member of the Society of Women Artists and The Lakes Artists Society, with work held in both private and public collections throughout the UK and internationally.

Piers Browne

Piers followed a classical path through the Byam Shaw then Royal Academy Schools, traveled widely in Europe, Africa, Iceland, Poland, Java, often on foot. He finds abiding inspiration simply in all natural beauty seen in vibrating light. Settling in Wensleydale after art school in 1975 encourages this.

Exhibiting regularly at the R.A. Summer show, he paints very large oils and draws, and his etchings have been reproduced in five books: A Shropshire lad; An Elegy in Arcady; William Wordsworth: A Lakeland anthology; Wensleydale; The Glorious trees of Great Britain.

Henrietta Corbett

Painter and Printmaker Henrietta Corbett Henrietta studied Fine Art at the School of Art, Wolverhapmton Polytechnic, specialising in Sculpture and Print. She was lucky enough to be taught by the artist Anish Kapoor and sculptor Nicola Hicks, both of whom had an enormous impact on her as a young art student.

"The rural landscapes of Leicestershire and South West Ireland are the inspiration for my imagery. The land markings and peat fields found in in south west Kerry have influenced my work, not only visualy but creatively. Using ash to paint with has forced me to use a limited pallet, something that I am learning to enjoy. Animal tracks, black peat fields and the errosion of weather beaten land, all have a certain curiosity and easily lend their patterns to abstract interpretation of landscape shapes."

Lesley Edmondson

Information about this artist will follow soon.

Donald Hamilton Fraser

Donald Hamilton Fraser (1929-2009) exhibited his highly acclaimed work in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Zurich and many other cities around the world. The list of galleries that own or have exhibited his work is phenomenal. Donald participated in many of the most significant exhibitions of British work including the Royal Academy's 25 Years of British Painting, where he was also a Royal Academician and a trustee since 1995. Donald's predominant subject matter was landscape. Here he combined his Scottish decent and his affinity with French painting from his study there in the 1950's.

We have been able to secure a small number of original oils by this important artist, offering a rare opportunity to view and own a piece of British Art history.

David Harkins

"My work is broadly about states of mind - I am interested in the slightly out of reach, the maybe and the perhaps... providing glimpses and creating possibilities that invite to viewer to join the dots. I like to adopt a playful and flexible approach in my practice but the vocabulary and intent remain constant - an attempt to reveal what I see and sense around me and the beauty and absurdity of our plight... reflections on the moth eaten tapestry of life!"

Freya Horsley

"Rooted in the landscape of mountains, moors and coast, my work explores both the permanent, elemental nature of land and the more transient light and weather which keep it in constant flux. Walking in the North York Moors, Lake District and the South West provides a rich and ever changing base for drawings and paintings.

Whilst much of the work has a particular starting point, I often focus more on the experience of being in the landscape than on the geographical specifics of a site, exploring the less tangible aspects of the land - sounds, space, light, wind, weather, movement.

I record these senses as marks and notes as I walk. In the studio I work from these notes and memories, to distil a sense of place and space, responding to the painting as it evolves. The paintings are built up using layers of fluid translucent paint, in addition to more textured, physical areas, to explore this tension between permanence and change in the landscape."

Ben Mcleod

Born in Preston, Lancashire in 1972, Ben studied Fine Art at Lancaster University, specialising in painting and drawing. He gained his BA degree in 1996. After further studies in Theology and work with students in the London area, he settled in the Lake District in 2002. Much of his work has been influenced by this move and the effect of being surrounded by the Cumbrian landscape

Chris Mouncey

Born in Felixstowe, Suffolk in 1954, Chris has been painting professionally since 1980, beginning with house portraits, specialising lately in landscape, architecture and interiors. He lives with his wife and family in Weardale, Co. Durham

His exhibitions include Grey College Durham; Bowes museum, Barnard Castle; Cassian Gallery, Lincoln; Quaker Gallery, London.

His paintings are in private collections in this country and abroad including Grey College, University of Durham; Marathon Oil East Brae Platform; Durham TEC hospitality room Durham C.C.

Erin Ward

"Areas, where the sea meets the land and rivers, where salt water meets fresh water, are a fascination. Hard rock against water, the meeting of two extremes. Light and weather also play an important part in my work.

Working from memory, I use the landscape as a starting point for a painting but then let the process of painting itself take over until it forms a response that I’m after.

I paint in an energetic, semi-abstract way using a limited palette; often mixing the colours directly onto the canvas, using rags, palette knives and sometimes my fingers, building up the paint from transparent washes to thick impasto in focal areas."