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Old Scholars

I Had a Little Nut Tree

Louis Battye

With These Hands   (reviewed)

Maureen Fenner

No Hand to Hold and No Legs to Dance On

Louise Medus

My Life in My Hands   (reviewed)

Alison Lapper

This Is My Life - I've Made It To Here   (reviewed)

Ted Hartwell


The Story of a Short Life

Juliana Ewing

The Coming  of Age of the Heritage Craft Schools

Grace Kimmins

Heritage Chailey 1903 - 1948   (reviewed)

Grace Kimmins

In Grandmother’s Footsteps   (reviewed)

Verana Handbury

Chailey Heritage  A Hundred Years

David Arscott

Something to Lean On : The First Sixty Years of the British Polio Fellowship

Barry North

Grace Kimmins and Her Chailey Heritage   (reviewed)

Ros Black (