Creative Chemistry works with a diverse selection of companies which are involved in the outsourcing of chemical projects.

Chemical Catalogue Companies

Although now a small part of the business, Creative Chemistry has been involved in the prodution (up to multi-kg scale) of novel chemical building blocks which are sold in catalogues. In some cases, CC is the sole global supplier.

Virtual Pharmaceutical Companies

Creative Chemistry has worked in areas as diverse as porphyrin chemistry to the production of in silico generated compounds for biological screening.

Major Pharmaceutical Companies

We have supplied larger quantities of key intermediates for use in medicinal chemistry. More recently, we have been developing novel methods for key inermediates which are being used in prodution, with multi-kilo scale-up carried out in India.


We have worked with various bodies such as Universities (Imperial, UCL), MRC and non-profit organizations involved with third world diseases.

Key Partners

Creative Chemistry works closely with selected partners to exploit the synergies and experience which exist. The two main partners are:.

Development Chemicals Ltd
Sepagen Ltd