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Overlooked? Neighbour building a new Extension? Need noise reduction? Want some instant maturity/structure to your garden?

At our Nursery we offer a wide selection of semi-mature trees and shrubs - evergreens for privacy and screening, deciduous specimen trees, some 7/8m in height, for instant impact and effect.

We offer a delivery and planting service to most areas in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

We are always happy to help, please ask for advice with selection and help with aftercare.


Stock levels of larger plants are low this time of year - a wider selection will

be available early autumn


Evergreen Trees & Shrubs

Deciduous Trees & Shrubs

Trained Forms

.....a selection of Semi mature Evergreen Trees & Shrubs from our Extensive Sales Areas

Elaeagnus x ebbingei 'Limelight'- excellent wind resisters - good hardy evergreen screening plants for hedges or spot planting - good all year colour and fragrant flowers !





cedrus deodora

Cedrus deodara - The Deodar Cedar - with a graceful , elegant and partly pendulous habit - good for most well drained soils in a not too exposed setting -


Various columnare evergreen conifers for screening whilst not taking up too much horizontal space ! - Cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest' -stunning colour and aromatic foliage from £98.00

Magnolia grandiflora 'Gallisoniensis' - magnificent evergreen for a warm sheltered site , unique & exquisite flowers - ...specimens of flowering age from £235.00

-also available specimens of other deciduous magnolias for an unrivaled spring show


The Strawberry Tree - Arbutus unedo - dense evergreen and hardy in all but the most exposed sites - attractive rich brown/red bark, cream bell flowers followed by bright red fruits - can be grown as a large bush as a standard tree or as a hedge - excellent all rounder

Strawberry Tree


Sacred Bamboo



Nandina domestica - The Sacred Bamboo - not actually a bamboo at all -excellent specimen shrub that will provide all year interest and screening - easy to grow in any well drained soil in sun or shade - stunning autumnal colours


Holme Oak

Evergreen Oak or Holme Oak Quercus ilex - tough and hardy plants for well drained soils - excellent for even coastal locations . This very adaptable plant can be grown as a hedge, as a specimen plant as a multi stem tree , as a wall fan and as a single stem tree - providing cover all year around


Deciduous Trees & Shrubs

Betula jacquemontii

Betula pendula alba, Betula utilis 'Jacquemontii' - here shown in winter, we have both single stem and multi stem specimens some 7m in height -elegant trees with a long season of interest, good for most sites and soils that are well drained - dappled non oppressive canopies .


Gleditsia Sunburst

Gleditsia triacanthos 'Sunburst' - a delicate looking tree with an oriental type growth habit yet tough and hardy in any well drained soil. Sunburst yellow leaves emerge in spring which tone down over summer - turning butter yellow in autumn



Catalpa bignonioides

Catalpa bignonioides - The Indian Bean tree - traditionally a huge tree reaching grand proportions -- come and see how to manipulate and train it and make a beautiful tree that can be fitted into a smaller space



Juglans regia - £980.00 - the Common Walnut - grand tree of great stature - needs space and a well drained soil - aromatic spring foliage , edible nuts and good autumnal colours


....specimens from 165.00

Castanea sativa - £365.00 - 5m+specimen of the Sweet Chestnut- flowering and producing edible nuts.

Sweet Chestnut

Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diablo' - from £98.00

Physocarpus Diablo

Liriodendron tulipifera 'Aureomarginata' - £235.00 - a more unusual form of the Tulip tree - attractively margined leaves and stunning butter yellow autumnal colours. Also available large specimens of Liriodendron tulipifera of flowering age - some of ours have flowered this summer - rare and not to be missed


Liquidambar styraciflua - multistem - £245.00

not usually offered as a multistem specimen but in autumn this is a wall of blazing reds/oranges and purples

( -also available as single stem trees in a variety of sizes)

Betula albo sinensis Septentrionalis - the Chinese Red Barked Birch rare and even more rarely offered at this size -

Chinese red barked birch


..a selection of carefully Trained Forms of Trees and Shrubs - something a little unusual...

Hornbeam spiral

Carpinus betulus - Spiral - years of work but only now needing a clip once a year to maintain - stunning in spring, summer, autumn and winter - an architectural statement a living sculpture

....from £695


Ligustrum 'Bear' £685.00 - intricate detail in this bear with years of work -always admired by the young - and not so young !

Zig the Ligustrum 'Pig' - £685.00

Quiet and tame needs water regularly