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Welcome to our Home Page

Our School is the oldest in the London Borough of Islington.  It was established in 1972 by our honorary director Dr. Katerina Alexandrou.  In 1996 the school was declared as one of the best supplementary schools in the European Union and on 26/05/06 the BBC  presented a special program devoted to the activities and achievements of our school.

As from 2005 our school has been able to use independent premises due to the generosity of our great benefactor the late Mrs. Theodosia Papatheodotou.  We bless her memory for her generous action.

Our school has also adopted a modern method of teaching the Greek language through the medium of computers, which above all helps pupils and students to improve their competence in being bilingual.

To see videos of the school, click one of the links below:

Final Lesson of Year
Outdoor party
Speech of Dr Alexander
Greek School poetry reading

Departments of the school

1. Infants school: Ages 3-5. The children are taught pre-reading skills through creative activities which boost their cognitive and social development. This is the only Greek school in the area providing nursery facilities.

2. Primary: Ages 5 - 12. The children are taught reading, listening, writing and speaking.

3. GCSE and A level: Ages 13-18. the pupils are prepared for GCSE and A Level.  Tuition is offered to each individual pupil.

Examination centre: Our school is an accredited examination centre and the children are examined within our premises.

The best results: To date the children of our school have achieved the highest grades.

College:The college offers GCE A levels and assists pupils with their school work in other subjects, e.g. English, IT, History, Law, Classics, etc.

Theatre: Theatre enables the young to build their self-confidence and initiative, as well as learn Greek. Each term, there is a programme of lessons and rehearsals concluded by the performance of a specially adapted play.

Youth Club: The club promotes sports, youth exchanges with Europe, career advice and guidance





To contact us:


98 Dresden Rd., London N19 3BQ

Tel: (020) 7619 3528