Suppliers of select woods for luthiers and fine furniture making since 1980,
we offer a unique service, based on the re-sawing, planing and drying of a wide range of imported and home-grown timbers.
We also offer a wide selection of hardware, tools, books, and plans for both the amateur and professional luthier.

Visitors by prior arrangement only - Tel. 01435 812315

N.B Important updates on recent CITES agreement: Where applicable, we can supply tariff numbers for all imported timbers, e.g - Rosewoods (Dalbergia), Bubinga etc, that are now on the CITES II Appendix. At present, all our stock is 'pre-convention' ; when this runs out we will let you know what we can then offer. If you wish to find substitutes, thus avoiding timbers on this list, please consult us. We are already supplying necks, fingerboards and back & side sets that are non-tropical, most grown in the British Isles.

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