<H1>David Hawkins Essex Commercial Photography is a specialist in Architectural, Construction Progress and Time photography</H1> Atmospheric ancient landmarks or striking images of the latest ultra modern structures. Essex Commercial Photography is dedicated to supply the architectural and construction industry with highest quality imagery. Understanding your assignment and delivering a crisp detailed pictographic record is essential whether itís Incorporating classical, contemporary or the latest interior design concepts, Essex Commercial Photography will have it covered. From laying the foundations to completion of the highest storey of your latest developments. Construction progress photography is an essential tool, for marketing or PR, but also as an aid to the day to day running of a project and contract management reporting. With 15 years experience in the architectural, construction and Construction Progress field you know Essex Commercial Photography will get it right first time. Essex Commercial Photography also specialise in Construction Progress and Time Lapse and Video photography.Run a Time Lapse Video taken from a daily image and replay the whole construction of your project in 15 minutes or even 15 seconds. Time lapse and Video photography is a striking tool for any architectural or Construction company to use at pre tender stage or as a back drop to a reception or expo. This type of Construction progress photography will really impress any client with great impact. construction Video for condition schedules progress and corporate video. Please browse our portfolios to see our work in architectural, Construction Progress, Time Lapse and Video photography.