David Richbell FCIArb (Mediation)

Commercial Mediator & ADR Specialist

Reputation Style & Approach - from a user’s point of view

Below are recommendations from the UK Chambers Guide to the Legal profession, Legal 500 and UK Legal Experts, as well as feedback comments from lawyers and clients who have recently appointed him as mediator:


Client Accolades:

“You little star of the mediation heavens” “the don of mediation”

“David is a first class mediator who brings a calm, personable and focussed approach to mediation. I have no hesitation in recommending his services as a mediator”

As a mediator, David has the light touch that allows things be quickly put again on the right track. Possibly because he luckily skipped a standard legal education, he is extremely business-oriented and handles figures and perspectives definitely better than the average lawyer.”

“David has a deep commitment to mediation...”

“..I unequivocally recommend [David] as being one of the two best commercial mediators that I have encountered....there is a substantial difference between the likes of David and the rest of the field.”

“incisive and able to get results even in difficult cases.”

What is David's approach to Mediation?

“[David has been recognised by clients for] displaying a calm, courteous and impartial approach to the process which [undoubtedly is] a major factor in enabling a settlement to the dispute to be reached.”

"A superb communicator" who "really engages with the parties" and "achieves a remarkable settlement record"

A "supreme people-manager"

"numerate in a lateral way, devising novel and agreeable solutions"

"remains calm in multi-handed mediation..knocking heads together only as necessary"

"[has an] ability to gain the confidence of both parties and make clients concentrate on the heart of the case"

"Facilitates]excellent discussion"

Tell me more about David's particular style:

"brings a courteous, calm and efficient manner [to the process]"

"supportive, very competent, dynamic"

"very high quality, knowledgeable and modest"

"forceful and credible"....."a fantastic, intuitive mediator"

"good facilitator, inspirational"

“[He will always find] a way through a deal breaker to enable substantive discussions to commence.”

What kind of reputation does David have?:

"When it comes to multi-party mediations in the construction field, Mr Richbell is considered a pre-eminent practitioner" [Other] "leading practitioners acknowledge his expertise..calling him a leader in his field"

“A great mediation legend!”


"An undisputed doyen of mediation training. Highly experienced clients describe him as 'relaxed but focused': a 'talented all-rounder who can deal with any subject'. Other mediators are in awe of his skills; he is the archetypal facilitator who 'brings to the mediation process his considerable negotiation experience gained over many years acting as a surveyor".

"Richbell is in great demand for multiparty construction related mediations, many of which are international. According to one source, these industry origins translate into a 'refreshingly practical approach to the issues'. Others applaud his 'reliability and conscientiousness'. Also a trainer, he is described as an excellent spokesperson for the virtues of mediation: 'He quickly dispels any doubt about the process'.

“He is regarded by many as a leading mentor for UK mediators.” “[amongst] some of the ...most seasoned experts in the field of effective dispute resolution.”

“A highly respected non-lawyer mediator.”