David Richbell FCIArb (Mediation)

Commercial Mediator & ADR Specialist

Guide to Mediation Fees and Terms of Engagement

1. Day Fees:

Fees are negotiable, according to need, but would normally fall within the following ranges:

Claim value less than £1 million: Up to £2,000 per party per day. Includes 5 hours preparation and travel time.
Claim value £1 million and over: Up to £3,000 per party per day. Includes 5 hours preparation and travel time.

Multi-party cases are discounted according to the number of parties. These may be suited to Co-Mediation (see below).

Note: These fees are PER PARTY and inclusive of preparation and a ten hour day.

2. Time Charge:
Day fees assume a ten hour day. Time spent over ten hours will be charged at one tenth of the day rate and at a minimum of £300 per hour.

3. Expenses:
Travel, accommodation and other similar expenses will be charged at net cost.

4. Payment:
Mediation fees are due for payment seven days before the mediation. Additional charges for expenses and extra time shall be paid within fourteen days of the date of invoice.

5. VAT:
All charges will be subject to VAT at the standard rate. International mediations may be subject to differing VAT regulations.

6. Cancellation Charges:
If cancellation or postponement occurs seven or more days before the mediation date, no fee will be due.

If cancellation occurs less than seven days before the set date, the full fee will be due.

If the mediation is postponed and takes place on a later date, 50% of the fee will be due, plus the full fee for the revised date.

7. Co-Mediation:
Multi-party and/or complex cases are best suited to co-mediation so that time (and therefore parties’ costs) may be reduced. It is essential that the two mediators work frequently together so that they work in harmony. I have formed co-mediation pairings with Eve Pienaar of Mediationwise and with Rosemary Jackson QC.
Daily fees for the pairing are normally 150% of the single mediator fee quoted above.

8. Professional Indemnity Insurance:
A copy of the current Professional Liability Insurance (AXA Insurance UK Plc) is available upon request. Renewal is 1st July each year.

9. Complaints Procedure: In the event of a complaint it shall be raised initially with David Richbell direct and then, in the absence of resolution, referred to the Civil Mediation Council's Complaints Resolution Service
(Tel: 020 7636 4422).