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Hew Dundas - A few words..

I am pleased to recommend “How to Master Commercial Mediation” by David Richbell, Bloomsbury; ISBN 978-1-78043-682-1; £88.

While much of the book is written by David himself (unquestionably one of England’s most highly-regarded mediators), there are significant contributions from many of the UK’s most distinguished mediators and, for me, of particular interest are

Part 2 Chapter 7 Learning from Other Mediation Disciplines with contributions on transformative, community, family, workplace and peer mediation in schools, mediation in faith
Communities, restorative justice etc etc etc etc

Part 3 Chapter 7 Commentary on mediation in 33 countries (mainly the EU (including Scotland) but + Russia and a few others)

I respectfully suggest that “masterpiece” is an inadequate description of this truly extraordinary book.


PS All royalties are being donated to an appropriate charity

Why the only route to justice?

Mediation is common sense

We live in a society where common sense is often hard to find. We have created, or allowed, a blame culture where if something goes wrong, someone is to blame and they have to pay. It is enabled by insurers, fuelled by greed and stoked by lawyers – some lawyers. In that society, mediation is the fresh air of common sense and it is one reason why so many cases settle. So often, if I ask a party, ‘what is it that you need most to be able to do a deal today?’ they reply, ‘to put an end to the misery’. They had a problem which they could not sort out themselves so, naturally, they went to a lawyer who put the dispute into a legal box and went to battle with the other side. The party became a bystander who had no control of the case except to pay bills and use up huge quantities of time, which could otherwise have been spent in wealth- generation. So, for a day, the parties have the control back of their dispute and they have the say in how it will settle – not something that happens in court.

Can you wonder that I believe mediation is the only route to justice?

Read my paper, Mediation is the Only Route to Justice and see my new book, How to Master Commercial Mediation, part 1, Chapter 1, pg 4.

New Book Launch Success

Around 70 people attended the launch of my book “How to master commercial mediation” at the CIArb on the 14th January, including mediators from Belgium, Turkey and Ireland. It was so popular that Bloomsbury Professional, the publisher, ran out of books on the day and said that it was the best launch, from a sales point of view, that he had ever arranged. I am pleased to say that the wine did not run out!

The book has been well received - called Der Meisterwerk by a mediator of Scots background - and is aimed at commercial mediators at any stage of their career - novice, experienced and master. It has 86 contributors including a mediator from every European country plus Russia and Turkey. It includes a DVD of a demonstration mediation and you can get a copy from
www.bloomsburyprofessional.com. The full price (including DVD) is £80 + 10% VAT. A lot, but the book is 608 pages plus 7 blanks (for copious notes of course).