David Richbell FCIArb (Mediation)

Commercial Mediator & ADR Specialist

Note: All these are actual cases mediated over the past ten or so years. Feel free to use them – there is no charge but clear attribution would be appreciated.

Aisle Trials
Aisle Trials general information
Two churches combining but not uniting

Black Water Cruising
Black Water General Information
Problems with charter yacht construction

Mrs Brown v Healthcare NHT
Brown v Healthcare Trust
Workplace/personal injury claim

Building Flaws
Building Flaws General Information
Domestic housing dispute over quality of stone flooring

Building Good Faith (Consensus building/negotiation)
Building good Faith General Information
Use of redundant church building

Bully Boy
Calling in of farming debt

Burning Issue
PFI hospital waste burning/heating plant defects

Capability Builders v Construction Agents Japan
Joint Venture housing construction project in Japan

Cementing Relationships
Faulty conveyor system in Saudi Arabian cement plant

Chips with Everything
Franchise dispute

Conversion Experience (Negotiation phase of Mediation)
Change of use problem on barn conversion

Damage Limitation
Insurer/garage group dispute over alleged fraudulent accounting

Diminishing Asset
Storage charges on oak framed building

Ever Ready
Wrongful termination of landscaping contract by Housing Association

Fighting Chance
Dispute between boxer and manager over purse share and perks

Foul Up
Damage to mains sewer wrongly positioned on Authority drawings

Gardening leave
Delays to landscaping caused by difficult client

Grain of Truth (also DVD)
Bully brother wanting to mortgage farmland

Green Belt Blues
Wrongful demolition of listed barn walls, including PN claim

Haver v Goodtime
Attempt to evict former mistress from house

Hospital retained unauthorised body parts for research

In the Soup
Failure in production of prototype sports car

Jules et Gym
Gay couple dispute over gym ownership

Land Grab
Dispute over ownership of land sold with house

Long Haul
Default on lease agreement for HGV

Lost the Plot
Dog wrongly interred in pet cemetery

Misplaced Passion
Wrongful soliciting of fruit business whilst still employed

No Butts
Footballer’s assault on trainer

Northern Sites
Site survey error on hotel development D & B

ODL v Alpha Ventures Ltd
Office development JV failure in depressed market

Oil Shake
Reconvening of failed mediation about oil drilling trespass

Dispute over overage payments to farmer on warehouse development

Parking Problems
Neighbour dispute over ownership of parking spaces

Parlour Games
Dispute over rotary milking parlour failure and loss of cows

Ploughing the Seas
Reinstatement of chartered cable-laying ship

Radio Gaff
Employment claim for wrongful dismissal and defamation on local radio

Rolling Rocks
Claim by former rock band member for royalties

Runway Overrun
5-party construction dispute over defective airport runway

Serious Offence
Neighbour boundary dispute in small village

Service Contract
Constructive dismissal claim by country estate worker

Set-off Set-up
Claim for delays on school building set off against unpaid invoices

Settlement Options
PN claim against Engineer and builder due to subsidence of new house

Snappy Families
Family business dispute during foot and mouth crisis

Squashed Future
Disputed PI insurance claim following sports injury

Structural Failure
Partnership dispute between autocratic founder and junior partners

Taken on Trust
Family dispute over management of trust funds

Track Changes
Neighbour dispute over access road and boundary line

Turf War
Australian footballer claim on club for personal injury

Undue Influence
Claim for wrongful dismissal by famous hypnotist de to misuse of funds

Insurer/insurer negotiation over water damage to block of flats

Upping the Antti
Football agents dispute over share of transfer fees

Video Nasty
Restriction and termination of cable tv installer