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Specialists in custom made Fasteners,
Fixings, Flanges & Fittings

We specialise in the manufacture and sourcing of special nuts & bolts,
flanges & fittings, including turned parts in all types of materials.

Specialist materials include
Durehete*, Essehete*, Jetehete*, Cupro Nickel,
Aluminium Bronze, Bronze, Phosphor Bronze,
Monel*, Inconel*, Nimonic*, Duplex, Titanium,
Ferralium*, & Hiduron*.

Our products are used in a wide range of
industries and applications, including
Marine, Petrochemical, Defence, MOD,
Transport and Power Generation.

We also provide Safety Critical parts
(QCA - Quality Control Absolute) which
are parts that cannot fail in service due
to it's critical performance. See our
Products page for more information.

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