Dinosaurland Fossil Museum

Dinosaurland Fossil Museum is a private museum which is owned and run by Palaeontologist Steve Davies and his wife Jenny. The museum contains a spectacular collection of the local Jurassic marine fossils. The collection grows each year and is now probably the best fossil collection on public display in SW England.

It is a traditional museum using the beauty and majesty of more than 10,000 specimens to show people just how exciting and wonderful the world of fossils and dinosaurs really is.

Dinosaurland Fossil Museum is housed in a magnificent grade 1 listed building which was once the Congregational Church. The pioneering fossil hunter Mary Anning was baptised here on 27th June 1799 and continued to worship here until about 1830. She discovered the first Ichthyosaur on the beaches here in 1811.

Steve is a Palaeontologist with degrees in Geology from Oxford and Palaeontology from London. He worked as a Palaeontologist in the oil industry with BP in areas as diverse as Alaska and China and eventually became Chief Palaeontologist for them. He left and bought the building that Dinosaurland Fossil Museum is housed in. He collects the fossils, makes the exhibits, writes the text..... And with Jenny’s help has made it a very personal museum. The collection continues to grow through new finds and purchases.

The museum is 100% self financing and receives no public funding or grants. The only source of income comes from admission fees which are used to maintain the building and develop the collection.

Ammonites in the Fossil Collection

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THE VIDEO: there is a short video on the ‘your visit’ page to give you a flavour of the museum