Derivation of 'Dollar'

The name 'Dolair' first appears in references to a battle between the Danes and the Scots around 877AD, which the Scots lost.

Older derivations give it as 'Dol' (valley) + 'Ar' (high) from
P Gaelic/Brythonic (Pictish, Welsh, Cornish, Breton) [Watson].

More recent derivations give it as 'Dol' (field) + 'Ar' (arable)
also from P Gaelic.

Another possible derivation is from Q Gaelic (Irish, Scots Gaelic) 'Doilleir' (dark, gloomy) which would relate to the original name of Castle Campbell as Castle Gloom.

[Research by Bruce Baillie, 2002]

Page updated 19 August 2004