Aerodrome Information

(01/06/2013) - Landing Fee Offers. Want to practice some landings? A special offer is now available for fixed wing singles; 3 landings for £15.00 or the usual 1 landing for £10.00.
(Offer to be used on the day of purchase, includes one full stop landing and two touch and go's)

(13/08/2012) - Radio Procedures At Dunkeswell. Dunkeswell Radio (123.475) operates every day, but not always manned. Your first call on frequency is to Dunkeswell Radio, where upon we will respond with airfield information and any other relevant information, any other calls there on are to be made to Dunkeswell Traffic announcing your position, intentions etc.

(13/08/2012) - No Overhead/Deadside Joins. Dunkeswell is an active parachuting airfield, therefore overhead/deadside joins should be avoided if possible. This includes joining crosswind (being deadside) as this also brings you very close to the overhead where parachutists are descending under canopy. Please join downwind or base leg (left hand for 22/17 and right hand for 04/35).

(22/04/2011) - Due to changes in magnetic variation, runway 23/05 has been redesignated 22/04.

Dunkeswell Aerodrome (EGTU) is situated in the scenic Blackdown Hills operating throughout the year. If you are interested in flying into Dunkeswell, please have a quick read through the information below.

We welcome visitors anytime and with a variety of activities carried out on the field, there is always something to see whether it be the two King Air's operating from the parachuting club or the Flexwings zipping around from the Microlight school.

There is a cafe located on the airfield serving a variety of hot meals/drinks as well as a carvery on Sunday. It is advisable to book this in advance by phoning them on 01404 890 009.

If you have any questions that you can't find answers to below, feel free to contact the operations staff on 01404 891 643.

Airfield Information

Opening Hours/Prices
Monday → Sunday 08:30-18:00
Monday → Sunday 08:30-17:00 or Sunset (Whichever Is Earlier)

Landing Fees:
- Microlight: £5.00
- Small Single: £10.00 (e.g. C172, PA28...)
- Small Twin: £20.00 (e.g. BE58, PA34...)

Parking Fees:
- Microlight: £2.50
- Small Single: £6.50 (e.g. C172, PA28...)
- Small Twin: £12.50 (e.g. BE58, PA34...)

These prices will be checked regularly to make sure they are up to date, but please phone operations to confirm on 01404 891643.

Opening Hours

RFFS Category
Dunkeswell operate daily on a RFFS Category 1 although RFFS Category 2 is available upon request to the Operations Staff. Contact us on 01404 891 643.

RFFS Category

Joining/Circuit Procedures (Aircraft)
Dunkeswell Radio on 123.475. Circuit directions are as follows. 22LH, 04RH, 17LH, 35RH. Joining is by Downwind or Base Leg only. Overhead/Deadside joins ONLY by agreement via the ATS due to parachuting up to FL150. Circuits are 800ft on the Dunkeswell QFE. Please refer to the aerodrome diagram at the bottom of this page.

Joining/Circuit Procedures (Aircraft)

Joining/Circuit Procedures (Helicopters)
Dunkeswell Radio on 123.475 Helicopters are to join from Hemyock, 4 miles north at 500ft on the Dunkeswell QFE to the centre grass triangle and then hover taxy to Refueling Station/Parking. No rotors turning in ATZ when parachute canopies are in the air. Helicopters to call before starting rotors. Departure to the North at 500ft Dunkeswell QFE. Out of respect to our neighbours and keeping Dunkeswell a safe and enjoyable destination for everybody, that you adhere to these abatements.

Joining/Circuit Procedures (Helicopters)

Fuel and Oil
Dunkeswell offers fuel and a variety of oils at competitive prices. Fuel available includes: Avgas 100LL, Avgas UL91 and Avtur Jet A1.
Oil available includes: Aeroshell 80, 100, W80, W100 and 15W50.
For the latest fuel prices, check the top of this website and for oils, contact the operations staff on 01404 891 643. Please refer to the airfield diagram at the bottom of this page for more information.

Fuel And Oil

Customs and Immigration
Notification of expected departures from and arrival at Dunkeswell should be given to either:
Dunkeswell ATS: (Aerodrome Hours)

  • Telephone: +44 (0)1404 891 643
  • Facsimile: +44 (0)1404 891 465

Exeter Immigration: (24 Hours)

  • Telephone: +44 (0)1752 252 252
  • Facsimile: +44 (0)1392 362 634

General Declaration Forms can now be completed online by the link below:

GenDec Form Online

Customs And Immigration

Flight Plans
Contact the operations desk if you need a flight plan put into the system at least one hour (Three hours for IFR) before departure. Flight plans will be activated upon departure from here and closed upon arrival here.

Flight Plans

Car Parking
Ample free car parking is available at the airfield situated near to the entrance. All vehicles and their contents are parked on the airfield at the owner’s risk.

The Aviator -
The Aviator is the meeting area for all the people taking part in the various aviation activities. Situated at the main entrance of the airfield, The Aviator is open seven days a week and offers Tea, Coffee, hot and cold food from sandwiches to the hearty English breakfast, lunches and evening meals. The bar sells various local brews not to mention the usual tipples.
The Aviator is now open as of Nov 2011 and will once again be offering Sunday Carvery as well as a Carvery on Thursday/Friday evenings. Booking is advisable on 01404 890 009. Large parties catered for with advance booking.

Opening Hours (Including Bank Holidays):

  • Monday: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Tuesday: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Wednesday: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Thursday: 09:00 - 22:00
  • Friday: 08:00 - Late
  • Saturday: 08:00 - Late
  • Sunday: 08:00 - Sunset

Telephone 01404 890 009

Camping under your wing is welcome, but if that is not your style, there are plenty of other options below:

Deer Park Country House Hotel

Lake View Manor

Dolish Farmhouse

Pubs (10 – 20 Minutes From The Airfield)

Culm Valley, Culmstock - 01884 840354
Merry Harriers, Porches Corner - 01823 421270
Half Moon, Clayhidon - 01823 680291
Catherine Wheel, Hemyock - 01823 680224
Holman Clavel, Culmhead - 01823 421432
Candlelight Inn, Bishopswood - 01460 234476
The Railway Inn, Honiton - 01404 43686

Hotels & Restaurants

Deer Park Country Hotel, Weston, Honiton - 01404 41266
Lakeview Manor, Dunkeswell - 01404 891287
Coombe House Hotel, Gittisham - 01404 540400

Bed & Breakfast

The Old Kennels, Dunkeswell - 01823 681 138
Dolish Farmhouse, Luppitt - 01404 891 176
Ellishayes Farm, Honiton - 01404 473 65
Orchard Lea, Hemyock - 01823 680 057
Sunny Corner, Hemyock - 01823 681 455
Pounds Farm, Hemyock - 01823 680 802

Taxi and Car Hire

Horseshoe Taxis - 01404 892 888
Zodiac - 01404 414 84
Sparkys, Honiton - 01404 476 70
To an Fro, Honiton - 01404 449 00 (Car Hire)


Aerodrome Diagram

Dunkeswell Airfield (EGTU) Diagram




























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