The Mysteries of the flesh...
or 'How to paint skin tones'

This is how I paint Caucasian flesh tones on my miniatures

Paints used (GW colours):
- Scorched Brown
- Dwarf Flesh
- Elf Flesh

Note: I have used this technique over both black and white undercoats to similar effect. Please remember, do not use paint straight from the pot - use a palette (I use a white kitchen tile) and add water to your paint before applying it to the model.

When I paint a miniature, I try to paint from the inside out… or in other words, paint in the order you would dress. Am I confusing you now? Well, what I mean is I normally paint the skin first and then the clothes in the layers they would be worn. As this makes it less likely for you to ruin something you have already painted. ANYWAY, back to painting flesh….

1) Basecoat all of your flesh areas with a 50:50 mix of Scorched Brown and Dwarf Flesh

2) Mix in progressively more dwarf flesh and blend in the highlights onto the raised areas of the flesh, taking note of the particularly prominent areas on the face such as the brow, cheekbones, nose and chin.

Note: do not use dwarf flesh 'as is', it is far to pink for my taste. Before you reach the pure dwarf flesh stage of highlighting move on to step 3…

3) Begin to add Elf Flesh to the mix, a small amount at a time (the colour is quite strong) and again, blend in the highlights on the raised areas.

4) The final highlight is of pure elf flesh to the very tip of the nose and chin, along the brow, on knuckles/elbows or other 'sharp' edges.

Et voila, the mysteries of the flesh according to Peter.