• Hi, I'm Papa Smurf

    Welcome to the SGLA!

  • I'm the head Smurf

    Passionate about helping all of my other Smurfs

  • Driving tanks is fun

    Join us and play the online wargame World of Tanks!

  • If you don't join?

    We'll kick the Smurf out of you!

  • And remember..

    Those mushrooms aren't just for living in!!

  • Free offer..

    Free mushroom housing for the first fifty applicants ;-)




Hello, I'm Papa Smurf, the head Smurf here. I love playing World of Tanks and helping out all of my other Smurfs. I am always looking out for new Smurf recruits, to assist me (and all of the other Smurfs here) againts the evil wizard Gargamel.


World of Tanks Logo


What is World of Tanks?
World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game developed by company Wargaming, featuring early to mid-20th century tanks. The game itself is free to play, however you can choose to buy a 'premium account' which gives you more rewards per battle than a standard free account. The focus is on player vs. player gameplay with each player controlling an armored vehicle, which may be a light, medium or heavy tank, tank destroyer, or self-propelled gun (SPG). More information on World of Tanks can be found here.

How can I download World of Tanks?
You can create an account and download World of Tanks here.

What is the SGLA?
There are a number of different clans on World of Tanks, the Smurf Global Liberation Army (SLGA) is but one of these clans. A clan is a group of members who form a team and compete agains other teams/clans.

How can I join the SGLA?
You can join the SGLA once you have created your World of Tanks account and then by visiting our clan page and applying to join. Our clan page can be found here.

As we have numerous Smurfs in our clan, it is impractical that they all know webdesign to update this page. Therefore we have made our own SGLA WOT Blog and our members can each post up blog posts. A link to our blog can be found here.

SGLA founding members ;

Papa Smurf - aka WoT RommelVonSmurf - Personal Comment : I may be old, I may be grey (I may even be incontinent) but behind 100 tonnes of heavy metal and a high calibre gun, none of that matters! For too long have we been pushed around by the evil wizard Gargamel. It is now time for us to unite and fight back, and trust me, tanks help! Favourite Film : Lock Stock and Two Smurfing Barrels. Favourite TV Series : Smurficus, Blood and Mushrooms. Favourite Song : Gotye Some Smurf I used to know. Favourite Clothing : Red Spandex. Favourite Tank : IS3. Favourite TD : Hellcat.

AWOL Smurf - aka WoT RommelVanSmurf - Personal Comment : Need someone to rely on? Need someone to depend on? Need someone who's there when you need them? Well, thats NOT me!! Would say more but I've gotta go!! Favourite Film : Gone in 60 seconds. Favourite TV Series : Lost. Favourite Song : Black IP's Going, going, gone. Favourite Clothing : White lycra. Favourite Tank : IS3. Favourite TD : Hellcat. Favourite PassTime : Playing hide and go seek.

Hairy Smurf - aka WoT Bugsy1979 - Personal Comment : Don't bother me now, I'm Smurfing. Favourite Film : Smurfshank redemption. Favourite TV Series : Game of Smurfs. Favourite Song : Frank Sinatra, I Smurfed it my way. Favourite Clothing : Tight White cycle shorts. Favourite Tank : E100. Favourite TD : E25.

Techy Smurf - aka WoT RobMozza - Personal Comment : Only one Smurfette and over one hundred Smurfs, I hope i'm not last! Favourite Film : Smurfs in Spring! Favourite TV Series : The Smurfs, obviously!! Favourite Song : Ice Cube - Check Yo Smurf. Favourite Clothing : White Hat. Favourite Tank : Oh-Ni (Japanese Heavy Tank) Favourite TD : Rhm.-Borsig Smurfenträger.

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