Eco Washing Detergents

At Easy Clean Launderette we care about the environment. So we use only environmently friendly SAPO plant based detergents, that require a low temperature to work, giving exceptional cleaning at a low temperatures.  Helping the planet by using less engery, and preventing eutrophication of our local water courses.

Theses are not just used in store but are avalible to purchase in environmently friendly 1 liter reusable bottles, just bring it back and will refill it! Helping the planet a few washes at a time, and saving You 50p every time you refil the bottle!

Want to know more about eutrophication?


Our Available Laundry Products:


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A pleasant complementing fragrance to the rest of the Whitex product range. In a reed diffuser



All availble in store, £6.50 for wash products & £5.50 for softeners. 

Remember! to bring your bottles back and recieve a 50p discount!

Our Availble Homecare Products:


Lavander scented room deodouriser. Complementing the rest of the Whitex range. 150ml aerosol can