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Single Domestic Service Wash

we do it for you - eco-liquids incl.

using eco-friendly liquids gentle on the skin and the environment, but with exceptional performance

up to 16lb Laundry

wash dry fold                   £7.00


Wash, dry & sanitize

Single Duvet                £7.00

Double Duvet               £11.00

Kingsize Duvet            £13.00

Either Poly or Feather

We Specialize In Feather & Down

Hairdressers, Guest houses, Shops, Factories etc. etc.

Why Not Give Us A Try ????

our Laundry liquids have been carefully sourced, and are mainly composed of raw materials of vegetable origin they are easy on the skin and not harmful to the environment but do deliver exceptional performance they have a gentle sanitizing action which is very important to certain customers

we believe our prices are very competative given the quality of our product, and are always pleased to discuss customers needs either by phone or e-mail

Remember It only takes 4 minutes at Easyclean Launderette!

2 Minutes to Drop It Off!


2 Minutes to Pick It Up! 

Service Washes:

Monday - Saturday
Subject to workload washes brought in AFTER 2pm may have to be collected the next day.