Fixed Callsign Details

On the pages below are details of aircraft that tend to operate with a fixed callsign, a callsign that follows a predefined pattern or one that differs from it's registration. Care should be taken using these as tie ups as they can and do change at times and should only be used as a guide.

Notes on some of the callsigns:-
Fraction callsigns for flights to/from major airports can be different to those listed to allow for late aircraft changes.
Mermaid callsigns in the 6nnn & 8nnn sequences are not fixed to airframes.

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Callsigns A to J Callsigns K to Z

Alan Bushell, Alan Roffe, Alec Wilson, Alexis Antonakis, Alistair Ness, Andrew Cooper, Andrew Stewart, Andy Chetwyn, Andy Harkin, Andy Mac, Andy Marchmont, Andy Orchard, Andy Ozanne, Andy Santini, Barry Tippett, Bill Croy, Billy McNally, Bob Elliott, Bob Holland, Bob Kent, Bob Sauvary, Bob Taylor, Carl Hendriks, Chris Hughes, Chris Jacewicz, Chris Jordan, Darren Busby, Darren Rogers, Dave Allbutt, Dave Anderson, Dave Doran, Dave H in Vancover, Dave Haines, Dave Peel, Dave Windsor, Dave Wooler, David Caris, David Clarke, David Fidler, David Robins, Del Barrow, Doug Hepburn, Duane Charles, Eddie Gentles, Eric Toucan, Gary Kelderman, Geoff Gill, Gerry Baron, Gilmer Green, Gordon Avery, Gordon Spence, Graham Duke, Graham Evans, Guy Gratton, Ian Farquharson, Ian Hawkridge, Ian Kitt, Ian McMaster, James Rose, Jan Mangelschots, Jeremy Parkin, Jim Findlay, Jim Tomlinson, John Allen, John Clarke, John Creasey, John Davison, John Douglas, John Leadbetter, John Lythgoe, John Robinson, John Tietjen, Julian Philippe, Kelvin Cross, Ken Dalton, Ken Lipscombe, Kevin Dupuy, Leo Hoogerbrugge, Marjin de Gids, Mark Paulin, Martin Smith, Martin Wilson, Matthew Miller, Mel Martin, Michael Vickers, Mick Crowe, Mike Burton, Mike Day, Mike P, Mike Slatcher, Neil Aird, Neil Didcote, Neil Wickens, Niels Linthout, Nigel Burch, Paul Little, Paul Suter, Paul Tarrant, Paul Whitlock, Peter Bradley, Peter Budden, Peter Street, Peter Vine, Rob Knapp, Robert Bourton, Robert Branbergen, Robert Geering, Robert Spillings, Roger Mazey, Royston Wood, Stephen Donaldson, Stephen Duquemin, Stephen Lane, Stephen Peck, Stephen Wilcox, Steve Fargie, Steve Martin, Steve May, Steve Nation, Steve Spence, Stuart Miller, Terry Smith, Terry Wade, Tim Martin, Tom Cook, Tony Fletcher, Tony Stevenson, Tony Twinn, Trevor Mulkerrins, Trevor Smith, Volker Wackernagel, Walter de Groot, Wayne Fivey, Wayne Rew,

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