I chose the name Eternus from the Latin word, since I had moved email address a few times before due to spam and wanted to control my own domain and hopefully have the same email address for the rest of my life.

No e-Patents

I believe that patents in software restrict innovation and the only people who benefit from them are lawyers when companies start litigating against each other. The American system is in a mess due to this and now the EU is looking to pass similar laws.

W3C logos

This site is XHTML- and CSS- compliant. If you can't see it properly in a modern browser; including Lynx or similar; then why not upgrade to a standards compliant browser. I've had to do enough development of web applications to hate working with browser-dependency issues. If you're using a web browser, I shouldn't need to send Device-Aware Content to you. If it's a less mature platform, such as WAP, then maybe. Basically, some not too old browsers aren't compliant, even though CSS2 became a Recommendation in 1998. I use FireFox from at home - highly recommended.