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Energy issues

"Britain has some of the oldest building stock in Europe. Our draughty homes are poorly insulated, leaking heat and using up energy."

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With heating costs rising rapidly most house owners are looking for ways to reduce there energy bills. If you are considering upgrading your property contact me for an initial assessment.

The next generation of homes needs be more energy efficient both to control heating costs and help the environment. Living in an energy efficient home can save energy and pollution by up to 90% overall (when compared with standard new construction) without relying on expensive bolt-on technology.  It’s easy to see why an energy efficient home is a good investment.

As an designer based in North East Scotland, my work involves both re-modelling traditional buildings, and also creating new designs using the latest materials, technology and methods, but always based on knowledge and respect for the local building vernacular.

I aim to create imaginative, effective and sustainable buildings for his clients, carefully designed, sensitively to context, environmentally responsible and delivering real value.

Services include

A full service from initial design through to on-site supervision is offered but the extent of the service can tailored by agreement to suit individual requirements and budgets. This may involve:-

A free no obligation initial consultation is offered on all services