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CADView7 is a general purpose drawing viewer program available free from Evolution Computing to individuals for viewing and printing CAD drawings created in FastCAD, or EasyCAD.

It uses the same high-speed vector engine as FastCAD and EasyCAD, and can also load and view AutoCAD compatible 2D DWG and DXF drawing files.

Other features include the ability to search drawings for text,bookmark a sequence of drawings, zoom in or out, or to named views, and change visible layers.

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Save and recall different visible, hidden and frozen layer combinations using this free Layerset module for CADView7. Download the installation program for CADView7:-

ADE LayerSets (208 KB zip file).

ADE Layersets are stored in each drawing and can be saved and recalled by CADView7, or by FastCAD/7 or EasyCAD/7 with ADE7 installed.

Add-on CAD tools for FastCAD* and EasyCAD*

Improve your productivity with the ADE7 architectural environment for FastCad/7 and EasyCad/7.

Why FastCAD?

State of the Art Technology -FastCAD V7 and EasyCAD V7 are current products of Evolution Computing Inc. - a company that has specialized in CAD programming since it was first brought to the PC in the 1980's. Written in assembly language for optimum performance, and with many innovative features such as sheets and symbol definition editing, both programs are at the cutting edge of CAD technology - the result of years of continuous development focused, at every level from the software architecture to how the programs are set up to interact with users, on the performance issues and features most important to end users.

Usability - From the beginning Evolution Computing's aim has been to produce useful tools that are easy to learn and help get the job done, while still being very customizable. Both programs have been refined by feedback from users, from direct contact, and through the online bulletin board.

Open Data Format- Most of the large CAD companies exploit their position in the market to the detriment of their customers' interests by using proprietary and sometimes encrypted data formats. The format of FastCAD V7 files is not restricted.

Support - FastCAD V7 and EasyCAD V7 are relatively easy to learn and each package has comprehensive context sensitive help built in. Further individual support is readily available if needed and the Evolution Computing's BBS provides an extra support dimension with access to other users who are either expert or involved in the same type of work. Frequent free updates are provided for over a year, with program performance enhancements, added features, and respond to user requests.

Get FastCAD V7 if you need a full professional CAD drawing and design program. It uses double precision data for great accuracy, includes 3d modeling and rendering, symbol definition editing, and advanced capabilities for working with multiple drawings and overlays. The image buffering system gives it up to 40xfaster redraws and zooms, and it has plug-in rendering interfaces within-window OpenGL hardware accelerated rendering and printing. Other features include user-defined 3D workplanes, enhanced XREF and multiple-drawing support,multiple symbol catalogs and unlimited icon bars, and 24-bit color throughout.

EasyCAD V7 provides high 2D performance on a limited budget. It has most of the features of FastCAD V7 and uses the same file formats, so it is a compatible individual solution, but it can also complement FastCAD in multiple user situations.

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*FastCAD and EasyCAD are registered trademarks of Evolution Computing, Inc.