David Metcalfe

Dark Tarn


David Metcalfe - guitar, bodhran, vocals

David has been playing guitars and singing traditional ballads for decades. He has made regular appearances at venues in and around Bath in recent years, following occasional appearances in the eighties and nineties as far afield as Tyneside, Sussex and Devon. David is a founder and regular performing member of the storytelling company Fire Springs

Since 2000, David has played and sung at Glastonbury (Green Fields), the Priddy Folk Fair, the Bath Fringe Festival and the Bath Literature Festival, as well as at numerous informal events and sessions elsewhere in the South West - and in locations varying from open fields and woodland glades to 300-seat theatres.

David plays Martin, Gibson and Fender acoustic guitars.

David Metcalfe



Richard Selby - bodhran

Brian Madigan - percussion, guitar, vocals

Anthony Nanson - acoustic bass

storyteller, folk singer and guitarist

Dark Tarn is a loose and continually fluctuating grouping of folk musicians and folk singers, including