songs of love and death

               The Two  Ravens                           

               Jock o' Hazeldene                           

               The Trees They Do Grow High

               The Demon Lover          

               The Lass of Islington

               The Two Magicians

               Molly Bawn

               She Moved Through The Fair

               The Three Ravens    






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What is the purpose of the arts in an age of global ecological crisis? This booklet presents an audacious vision for the arts that holds together commitment to artistic integrity and craft with responsiveness to the challenges of our time. Foremost among those challenges are the strained relationship between human beings and the ecosystem we inhabit, and the vital need to elicit sympathy for that which is not ourselves. A clarion call to everyone working in the arts today who wants their efforts to make a difference.

An Ecobardic Manifesto (co-author), Awen Publications, 2008




songs of love

and death

David Metcalfe

Released December 2011



Awen Publications, 2008

£2.50 ISBN 987-1-906900-07-6

storyteller, folk singer and guitarist

The Bath Storytelling Circle has met monthly for more than a decade to promote the tradition and practice of storytelling in the city of Bath. This chapter discusses the Circle as a space in which stories dealing with social responsibility and environmental sustainability may reach a broad public, but also as embodying a framework of principles for living in more mutually respectful and interdependent ways in the wider community.

'The Last Wolf', in Writing The Land - An Anthology of Natural Words, Awen Publications, 2003

Voices in the City - a storytelling circle's contribution to informal community-building in Storytelling for a Greener World, Hawthorn Press, 2014

The Wind Shall Blow in Ballad Tales: An Anthology of British Ballads Retold, History Press, 2017