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For over 25 years our name has been the secret of
high quality restorative dentistry, now it is the forefront
of a business providing the best crown and bridge
and implant technology in the country.

Approved by recognised partners producing a product
to constant and demanding  standards our work is supported by qualitative guarantees.

Working in the cosmetic dentistry arena is nothing new
to our registered technicians offering a quality fast
turnaround service backed by over 50 years combined experience for professional advice no matter what your patient’s oral environment may require.

From Single Veneer or Porcelain Bonded Crown to full cosmetic smile design cases Flesher dental will work with
you to ensure a result just as you have prescribed.

Our website is an overview of our company and what
we do, as a manufacturer of custom made devices we
work to your orthodontic prescriptions following the requirements of many standards including the
Medical Devices Directive.

If you don’t see what you want please contact us
as we are sure we will be able to help.

We look forward to welcoming you to Flesher Dental.

How refreshing is that?