Lower Jurassic Fossils from North Yorkshire

Welcome to ďThe Fossil GalleryĒ, fossils from the North Yorkshire Coast.

Iím an amateur collector who enjoys getting out on the North Yorkshire Coast as often as I can.  The majority of the fossils contained in the Gallery pages Iíve found myself and are from the Lower Jurassic, some 200 to 180 Million Years Ago (MYA).  None of them are museum pieces, but to me they are all special.

Feel free to browse around this site. If you have comments or a question about a particular fossil, click on the contact button. Iím NOT a palaeontologist or even an expert in the field, just a keen fossil hunter

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find the site interesting.

NOTE: None of the fossils on this site are for sale, just a selection from my  collection.

Updated July 2006

I must thank Mike Marshall from Yorkshire Coast Fossils whose encouragement, enthusiasm and superb preparation has really brought my finds to life!

Yorkshire Coast Fossils offers a wide range of preparation services and is the best source of Yorkshire Coast Fossils and hand crafted Whitby Jet Jewelry, anywhere on the Web.

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