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In June 2009 we were delighted to win the Devon Federation of Small Businesses 2009
Award for Environmental Responsibility. The judges were impressed with our commitment to the environment, especially our use of locally produced food.

In November we reached the finals of Devon Environmental Business Initiative (DEBI) 2009 Awards. We attended the Awards Evening at the Met Office in Exeter. Unfortunately we did not win our category of ‘Sustainable Devon’ but we had a great evening; it was good to talk to other like-minded businesses such as Otter Brewery. Again the judges “were impressed with the use of local food and drink.” and “particularly liked how this environmental thinking was being transferred to neighbouring businesses.”

Hopefully this all helps promote our belief in caring for the environment and will encourage others to do what they can.
To find out more about DEBI see

Greener Holidays

Our Environment policy includes conserving energy and water where possible, supporting local producers and retailers by buying local foods and reducing the use of cleaning products that damage the environment. We offer locals a refill service for Ecover cleaning products.
We can offer suggestions on the best places to walk and the wildlife you might see and we find that many of our guests do not need to use their car once they get here. While you are on holiday don’t forget to keep thinking about the environment.

Ways To Make Your Holiday Greener

1. Save energy – switch off lights when not needed, turn off the tv at the set rather than leave on stand-by, close windows if the heating is on.

2. Give the car a rest – go for a walk, cycle ride or check out the bus timetable.

 3. Buy local products – there are lots of local food producers in the area try some you won’t be disappointed. Buy locally made crafts for presents rather than mass produced souvenirs (read the small print on seemingly local gifts).

 4. Reduce, reuse, recycle – buy a reusable bag to reduce the number of carrier bags you need. Any plastic or glass bottles, cans, card or paper you use we will recycle, simply leave it next to the bin in your room.

 5. Save water – don’t leave the tap running when it is not needed eg when cleaning your teeth. Only place towels in the bath or shower if you really need clean ones; laundry is our biggest user of water.

6. Enjoy the natural environment – get out there and find out what Exmoor has to offer, there are lots of events organised to help you appreciate the wildlife and scenery, ask us or ask at the Tourist Information Office.

Local Food
Both our Breakfast and Evening meal menus contain as much local produce as possible. We source our meat from Besshill Farm just outside the National Park, our free range chicken from various local farms, our free range eggs from Cobley Farm, Crediton, our yogurts from Stapleton Farm in North Devon. locally landed Cod and Haddock ensure it is extra fresh and the jams, marmalades and honey are all locally made in and around Lynton. Miles tea and coffee is based in Porlock and we buy as much local, seasonal, fruit and vegetables as we can.

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