Geoff Phillips' Home Page


This is an effort to put a new home page up which represents current interests.

I am a software engineer, first worked for John Laings (Woolworths if you want to go really far back!) was once a games programmer for the Oric and others, and who then worked for MSU. I put this here in case you've googled me, and of course there's quite a few of us with this name... I am none of the others!

Don't you hate the words "Site under construction"? Well I won't put that here then... but it kind of is. You can find me on Facebook, but I'm not going to give you a link, you'll know who I am If you know me already.

I'll start with the easy things:


I'm selling some programs I've written - audio and broadcast tools.

Experience has told me that doing things as shareware is useless. A thousand people download things you slave over, and you get back nothing, or next to nothing. Instead, I offer everything at reasonable prices, and you get back a customised program registered to your name by email (link to a file)

More to come! If you see something listed below that is not detailed on this page, just ask.

Email is ggeffers a.t. - to avoid spam, the @ is replaced with a.t.


Audio & Broadcast Tools page -


General FileTools page -



Here's a link to a fairly well developed Grange Hill site with pictures, and my fan fiction. This is also work in progress.. but it's a long haul.


Here's My Oric Book, some of my programs, which by now are somewhat of a legacy item, but still might be of interest. I might also put here a blog and some non-grange hill short stories.


Here's some Oric stuff, including artwork from games, Oric Owner Magazine and anything else I have.



Anything here is copyright myself (G M Phillips), because of spam, you'll have to join my email together from these component parts: g g e f f e r s on the left hand side of the @ and on the right hand side - you can email me if there's something I've taken off that you need (quake tools etc).



Geoff (Feb 2013)