South Warwickshire N.H.S. Foundation Trust

ABC Club

(Affected by Bowel Cancer)

Chairman's Report


Hello to you all, it doesn’t seem twelve months since I issued my last report, but hay-ho time flies when you are enjoying yourself.

First of all I would like to congratulate the members of the Committee for all their efforts and support, without which the Club would not be as successful as it is. Also Avril and her colleagues continue to show us the way in our endeavours to help those patients and carers who are in need of the special kinds of support our Club offers. Thanks should also go to the medical staff, who readily give their valuable off duty time to come along to give us very interesting and informative talks at our General meetings.

But most of all I thank you the members, your generosity continues to be the main provider of funds which enables us to help others as much as we do.

 During the last year we have arranged for you an increased calendar of activities which were all well attended and which the membership seemed to enjoy and, as you know, we have many more delights organised for the remainder of 2015. Please make regular reference to the Calendar issued to you earlier this year and try to come along to as many events as you can.

As you will see from Avril’s Treasurer’s report we are seeing an increased need for the domestic help and we continue to supply the initial aftercare “goody bags” that we have provided to patients for some years now.

In addition we have introduced provision of supplies from Wiltshire Farm Foods to patients who are too early in their recovery to be able to cook wholesome meals. Avril has seen a marked improvement in the recovery of the patients we have helped so far which indicates it is a very beneficial addition to our support role. 

You will remember back in 2013 we sent our first patient + carer to the Grove Hotel in Bournemouth for a week’s holiday, as you know this hotel is set up to cater for cancer patients making it ideal for our needs. This has also been seen to have excellent patient benefits and it is our ambition to be able to afford to send more than one patient per year if we can.

I hope you are all satisfied with the way the Club is performing and increasing its patient support and trust that you will continue to support us by coming along to the various functions.

May I conclude by wishing all the very best of health and happiness.

Best regards 

Brian Wakefield

Chairman & Secretary


All members attending wished to record their thanks to Avril for all her dedication to the care of her patients and for her continued work she undertakes on behalf of the ABC Club.