South Warwickshire N.H.S. Foundation Trust

ABC Club

(Affected by Bowel Cancer)

Chairman's Report


Dear Member


It is that time of year again when your Club has to hold it’s Annual General Meeting and this gives me the opportunity to tell you that the Club is in good health and finds itself able to help patients in an ever growing number of ways.


As you know we try to target our help towards practical benefits as it is this kind of assistance we believe covers issues which can greatly relieve the stresses and strains experienced after diagnosis, post operations, during treatment and beyond, when they are needed most. We are now entering a stage when we could consider expanding our help and would welcome ideas you may have which would enable us to reach out to more patients and their carers. Please forward any thoughts you may have to a member of the committee for discussion at the next Committee meeting.


We are now entering our 10th year since we began in 2007 and we will be marking this anniversary by an event in September, details of which will be with you shortly, do come along and take part in this landmark event.


May I take this opportunity to thank you for the help and kindness members have shown to my wife and I through a very difficult time in our lives. We can honestly say we have experienced firsthand the enormous benefits a Patient Support group, such as ours, has to offer.
Finally I wish you all good health and happiness for the 2017/2018 year and hope you will continue to support the work the Club tries to do.

All my best wishes

Brian Wakefield

Chairman & Secretary

 AGM Minutes 2017

These are the minutes taken at the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the ABC Club. Held on the 23rd May 2017 at 7.00pm in the Aylesford Unit, Warwick Hospital, Lakin Road, Warwick.


Apologies were received from 4 members

 List of Attending Members

A form was passed around the meeting and 34 people acknowledged their attendance. The list of signatures is held in the Club’s master file. 

Approval of the 2016 AGM Minutes

These minutes were accepted without comment by those attending this meeting.

Acceptance proposed & seconded and the members vote was unanimous.

 Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the 2016 minutes

Treasurer’s report

The attendees were each given a copy of the Treasurer’s report and the end of year balance sheet, having studied the contents no one had any issues they wished to raise. The independently audited balance sheet was therefore accepted by this meeting  

Chairman’s Report

Copies of this report were issued prior to this meeting along with all the other AGM papers.

Brian highlighted the fact that, due to very generous donations and fund raising , our bank balance is in a healthy state, therefore we are in a position to be able to extend our list of ways we can help patients and he asked all members and carers to present and suggestion to a member of the Committee for consideration.

 Election of the Committee for 2017/18

A list of the 2016/17 Committee members, who were prepared to continue to serve, was shown on the agenda for this meeting.

Avril Enston has decided that she will not be able to continue as a Committee member due to her moving farther away. She said she will carry on supporting the ABC Club as much as she can in the future.

This news was met with some sadness since Avril is the founder of our Club, the members asked that it be recorded here that the entire meeting thanked Avril, most sincerely, for everything she has done to help all of her patients and for her contribution to the success of this Club.

All members wish Avril and her family well in their new home etc. 

The attendees of this meeting agreed unanimously to accept the nominated existing members to continue to form the Committee for the next year.

The officers of the Club will be elected, by the Committee at their first meeting of the new season.

 Consideration of Motions Submitted

No motions had been submitted by the membership 

The meeting closed at 19.20 hours


  Please note that the above text does not use member’s   names in order to protect “Patient Confidentiality” for the purposes of publishing these minutes on our Web-site.

A full copy of these minutes are held in the ABC Club’s master file.

Since our Club was formed in September 2007 I would like to think that we have made considerable progress in making it a Club that can and has made a difference to those who needed help from time to time.

You will recall that we became a “Registered Small Charity” back in 2010 and we have become recognised among the professional staff at the hospital and by many patients and their friends.

We are now in our 10th year and still going strong and still helping patients where ever and how ever we can.

None of this could have taken place without Avril who first envisaged a Patient Support Group whereby we could all make better progress with recovery etc by sharing our experiences and helping each other. Now it is thanks to Avril and her team of Tracey & Lesley that all Bowel Cancer patients here at Warwick Hospital are so well cared for.

As for the ABC Club we are very lucky to have the dedication of an enthusiastic Committee who spend many hours behind the scenes working to ensure you all have a full and interesting calendar of events etc. with very informative speakers. I do hope you will join me in saying a big thank you to them all. However none are more important than you the members for your wonderful support throughout and for making a significant contribution to the funds that enable us to provide help in many different ways.

Just to remind you of some of the services we can provide here is a list of examples:-

Transport – Local and further afield                                                            

Short break for Patient and Carer

Home helps                                                                                                           Pressure relief cushions

Wiltshire Farm Foods                                                                                    

Continence supplies

Aftercare materials                                                                                           

Emergency admission packs

“Buddy Scheme” – Patient to Patient help/support                                     

Flowers and cards 

 As you are all aware, we have arranged a full calendar of events for 2017 which I hope you will find of interest and will take pleasure in joining in. Please refer to the calendar regularly to ensure you don’t miss out.

As I have said before, the ABC Club is your Club run for your benefit so please let us know if there is anything you feel we should be addressing or anyone who you think may need our help.