Stereo Lyrita Labelography

SRCS-31 Ireland London Overture; Concertino Pastorale; Epic

     March; The Holy Boy; Minuet and Elegy (A Dowland Suite) / Boult


     SRCS-32 Ireland Prelude-The Forgotten Rite; Mai Dun Legend for

     Piano & Orchestra Parkin-piano; Overture "Satyricon" / Boult LPO

SRCS-33 Bliss Meditations on a Theme by John Blow; Music for

Strings / Rignold CBSO @

SRCS-34 Holst A Fugal Concerto for Flute, Oboe and Strings;

     Nocturne; Lyric Movement for Viola and Small Orchestra; Brook
     Green Suite; St. Paul's Suite / I. Holst ECO @
     SRCS-35 Bax Symphony No. 6 in C / Del Mar NPO @
     SRCS-36 Ireland These Things Shall Be for Baritone Solo, Chorus
     and Orchestra Case-baritone; Piano Concerto in Eb / Parkin-piano
     Boult LPO

SRCS-37 Holst A Fugal Overture; Bax Symphonic Poem, November
Woods; Moeran Sinfonietta / Boult LPO
SRCS-38 Finzi Songs / Case-baritone, Tear-tenor, Ferguson-piano
SRCS-39 Elgar Symphony No. 1 in Ab Op. 55 / Boult LPO
SRCS-40 Elgar Symphony No. 2 in Eb Op. 63 / Boult LPO
SRCS-41 Rubbra Symphony No. 7 in C Op. 88; Vaughan Williams
Variations on a Theme by Thomas Tallis / Boult LPO
SRCS-42 Moeran Music for Cello and Piano / Coetmore-cello,

SRCS-43 Moeran Overture for a Masque; Rhapsody No. 2; Cello
Concerto Coetmore-cello Boult/LPO
SRCS-44 Holst Double Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra
Hurwitz/Sillito-violin; Capriccio; 2 Songs Without Words, Country
and Marching Song; Ballet Music from "The Golden Goose" / I.
Holst ECO

SRCS-45 Ireland Symphonic Prelude; Tritons; Two Symphonic
Studies; Suite "The Overlanders"; Scherzo & Cortege (Julius
Caesar) / Boult LPO

SRCS-46 Still Symphonies No. 3 & No. 4 / Goossens LSO -
Fredman RPO @

SRCS-47 Lyrita "Lollipops" Benjamin, Delius, Walton, Bliss /
Fredman RPO - Walton LPO - Bliss LSO
SRCS-48 Parry Overture to an Unwritten Tragedy; An English
Suite; Lady Radnor's Suite; Symhonic Variations / Boult LSO
SRCS-49 Walton Scapino, A Comedy Overture; The Quest-Ballet
Music; Sinfonia Concertante for Piano with Orchestra; Capriccio
Burlesco / Katin-piano Walton LSO

     SRCS-50 Berkeley/Britten Mont Juic, A Suite of Catalan Dances /
     Berkeley LPO; Bliss Melee Fantasque / Bliss LSO; Holst Japanese
     Suite / Boult LSO; Watton Music for Children / Walton LPO
     SRCS-51 Finzi Songs / Jenkins-tenor, Case-baritone, Ferguson-

SRCS-52 Parrott String Quartet No. 4; Harries Piano Quintet Op.
20; Wynne String Quartet No. 3, Piano Sonata No. 2 / University
Ensemble of Cardiff

SRCS-53 Bax Symphony No. 1 in Eb / Fredman LPO
SRCS-54 Bax Symphony No. 2 / Fredman LPO
SRCS-55 Bliss Serenade, for Baritone and Orchestra Shirley Quirk-
baritone; Rout, for Soprano and Orchestra Woodland-soprano;

Cantata: 'The World is Charged with the Granduer of God'; Hymn
to Apollo; A Prayer to the Infant Jesus / Ambrosian Singers
Ledger LSO Wind and Brass Ensemble Priestman Bliss/LSO
SRCS-56 Holst Hammersmith, A Prelude and Scherzo for
Orchestra Op. 52; A Somerset Rhapsody Op. 21; Scherzo (1933-
34); Beni Mora-Oriental Suite Op. 29 No. 1 / Boult LPO
SRCS-57 Maconchy Overture, Proud Thames; Bush Music for
Orchestra (1967) / Handley LPO; Berkely Symphony No. 3 (in one
movement) / Berkeley/ LPO; Alwyn Four Elizabethean Dances
(1,2,4 and 5 from the set of 6) / Alwyn/LPO
SRCS-58 Bax Symphony No. 5 in C# minor / Leppard LPO
SRCS-59 Ireland Sextet for Horn, Clarinet and String Quartet;

Cello Sonata; Fantasy for Clarinet and Piano / Melos Ensemble

Navarra-cello De Peyer-clarinet Parkin-piano

SRCS-60 Baines Piano Music / Parkin-piano

SRCS-61 Alwyn Mirages / Luxon-baritone Willison-piano;

Divertimento for Solo Flute, Naiades-Fantasy Sonata for Flute and

Harp / Hyde Smith-flute Robles-harp

SRCS-62 Bax Symphonic Poem-Tintagel; Northern Ballad No. 1;

Symphonic Poem-The Garden of Fand; Mediterranean / Boult LPO
SRCS-63 Alwyn Symphony No. 3; Symphonic Prelude-The Magic
Island / Alwyn LPO
SRCS-64 Ireland Violin Sonatas No. 1 & No. 2 / Neaman-violin;


     SRCS-65 Ireland Songs Vol. 1 / Luxon-baritone Rowlands-piano

     SRCS-66 Ireland Songs Vol. 2 / Luxon-baritone Rowlands-piano

     SRCS-67 Brian Symphony No. 6 'Sinfonia Tragica'; Symphony No.

16 / Fredman LPO

     SRCS-68 Howells Piano Quartet in A minor Op. 21; Fantasy String

Quartet Op. 25; Rhapsodic Quintet for Clarinet, 2 Violins, Viola

and Cello Op. 31 / Richards Piano Quartet Richards Ensemble

Thea King-clarinet

SRCS-69 Butterworth Two English Idles, The Banks of Green

     Willow Rhapsody, A Shropshire Lad; Howells Merry Eye, Elegy for

Viola, String Quartet and String Orchestra Downes-viola, Music

     for a Prince Corydon's Dance, Scherzo in Arden / Boult NPO LPO

SRCS-70 Moeran Symphony in G minor Boult/NPO

SRCS-71 Sir Adrian Boult Conducts Marches Rossini/Britten,

     Holst/Jacob, Grainger, Walton, Howells, Stanford, Parry, Coates,

Vaughan Williams / LPO NPO

SRCS-72 Searle Symphonies No. 1 & No. 2 / Boult, Krips LPO

SRCS-73 Bridge Suite for String Orchestra; Sir Roger de Coverley;

Two Old English Songs-Salley in our Alley & Cherry Ripe; Two

Entractes-Rosemary; Lament for String Orchestra / Boult LPO

SRCS-74 Berkeley Divertimento in Bb Op. 18; Serenade for

Strings Op. 12; Partita for Chamber Orchestra Op. 66; Sinfonia

Concertante for Oboe and Chamber Orchestra Op. 84-

Canzonetta / Winfield-oboe Berkeley LPO

SRCS-75 Finzi Intimations of Immortality / Partridge-tenor

Handley Guilford Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra @

     SRCS-76 Alwyn Symphonies No. 4 & No. 5 'Hydriotaphia' / Alwyn


SRCS-77 Elgar Falstaff, Symphonic Study Op. 68; Enigma

Variations Op. 36 / Davis NPO

     SRCS-78 Cooke Symphony No. 3 in D; 'Jabez and the Devil'-Suite

from the Ballet / Braithwaite LPO

SRCS-79 Williamson Concerto for Organ and Orchestra; Piano

Concerto No. 3 in Eb / Williamson-organ, piano Boult Dommett


     SRCS-80 Berkeley Symphony No. 1 Op. 16; Concerto for 2 Pianos

and Orchestra Op. 30; Beckett, McDonald-pianos / Del Mar LPO

     SRCS-81 Scott Piano Concerto No. 1 in C / Ogdon-piano Herrmann


     SRCS-82 Scott Piano Concerto No. 2; Early One Morning (Poem for

Piano and Orchestra) / Ogdon-piano Herrmann LPO

SRCS-83 Bax Symphony No. 7 / Leppard LPO

     SRCS-84 Finzi Introit for small Orchestra and Solo Violin Op. 6; A

Severn Rhapsody Op.3; Elegy-The Fall of the Leaf Op. 20;

Nocturne (New Year Music) Op. 7; Prelude for String Orchestra

Op. 25; Suite ' Love's Labours Lost* Op. 28; Romance for String

Orchestra Op. 11 / Boult LPO

     SRCS-85 Alwyn Symphony No. 2; Sinfonietta for Strings / Alwyn


SRCS-86 Alwyn Symphony No. 1 / Alwyn LPO

SRCS-87 - 89 Ireland Piano Music Vol. 1 - 3 / Parkin, piano

SRCS-90 Rawsthorne Symphony No. 1; Symphonic Studies /

Pritchard LPO

SRCS-91 Bridge Phantasm-Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra /

Wallfisch-piano Braithwaite LPO; Moeran Rhapsody in F# for

Piano and Orchestra / McCabe-piano Braithwaite NPO

     SRCS-92 Finzi Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra Op.31;

Grand Fantasia and Toccata for Piano and Orchestra Op. 12;

Eclogue for Piano and String Orchestra Op. 10 / Denman-clarinet
Katin-piano Handley NPO

SRCS-93 Finzi Let us Garlands bring Op. 18; 2 Sonnets by Milton
Op. 12; In Terra Pax (Christmas Scene) Op. 39 for Soprano,
Baritone, Chorus and Orchestra; Farewell to Arms Op. 9 / Case-
baritone Partridge-tenor Manning-soprano Noble-baritone John
Aldis Choir Handley NPO

SRCS-94 Berkeley Symphony No. 2 Op. 51; Piano Concerto in Bb

Op. 29 / Wilde-piano Braithwaite LPO NPO

SRCS-95 Overtures Alwyn, Chagrin, Rawsthorne, Bush, Leigh,

     Arnold / Alwyn LPO Braithwaite NPO LSO Handley NPO Pritchard


SRCS-96 Rubbra Symphony No. 2 in D Op. 45; Festival Overture

Op. 62 / Handley/NPO

SRCS-97 Morgan Violin Concerto; Contrasts / Gruenberg-violin

Handley RPO

     SRCS-98 Ireland Phantasie Trio in A Minor; Trio No. 2 and No. 3 in

E Minor / Neaman-violin Webber-cello Parkin-piano

SRCS-99 More Lyrita Lollipops Alwyn, Baife, Bax, Berners,

Grainger, Elgar, Harty, Leigh / Alwyn LPO Braithwaite PO LPO

NPO Davis NPO Handley NPO RPO

SRCS-100 Hurlstone Piano Concerto; Fantasie-Variations on a

Swedish Air / Parkin-piano Braithwaite LPO

     SRCS-101 Rawsthorne Piano Concerti No. 1 & No. 2 / Binns-piano

Braithwaite LSO @

SRCS-102 Stanford Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor Op. 126 /

Binns-piano Braithwaite LSO

SRCS-103 Rootham Symphony No. 1 in C Minor; Holbrooke The

Birds of Rhiannon Op. 87 / Handley LPO

SRCS-104 Bridge Oration (Concerto Elegiaco for Cello and

     Orchestra); Two Poems; Allegro Moderate for String Orchestra /

Webber-cello Braithwaite LPO

SRCS-105 Moeran Violin Concerto / Georgiadis-violin Handley


SRCS-106 Hadley The Trees So High (Symphonic Ballad in A

     Minor); One Morning in Spring (Rhapsody for Small Orchestra) /

Alien-baritone Handley NPO Boult LPO

SRCS-107 Coates The Merrymakers Overture; Summer Days

     Suite; The Three Bears (Phantasy for Orchestra); From Meadow

to Mayfair Suite - In the Country & Evening in Town; The Three

Elizabeths Suite-March 'Queen Elizabeth' / Boult NPO

     SRCS-108 Alwyn Concerto Grosso No. 2 in G for String Orchestra;

'Autumn Legend' for Cor Anglais and String Orchestra; 'Lyra

Angelica' (Concerto for Harp and String Orchestra) / Ellis-harp

Browne-cor anglais Alwyn LPO

     SRCS-109 Arnold English Dances; Scottish Dances Op. 59; Cornish

Dances Op.91 / Arnold LPO @

SRCS-110 Lambert Romeo and Juliet; Pomona / DelMar ECO

SRCS-111 Berkeley Sinfonietta Op. 34; Britten Sinfonietta for

     Chamber Orchestra Op. 1; Rawsthorne Divertimento for Chamber

Orchestra; Tippett Divertimento for Chamber Orchestra

'Sellinger's Round' / DelMar ECO

SRCS-112 Finzi Cello Concerto Op. 40 / Ma-cello Handley RPO

SRCS-113 Lloyd Symphony No. 8 / Downes PO

SRCS-114 Bridge Overture 'Rebus'; Dance Poem; Dance

Rhapsody / Braithwaite LPO

SRCS-115 Bush Symphony No. 1; Arnold Sinfonietta No. 1 Op. 48;

Benjamin Cotillon (A Suite of Dance Tunes) / Braithwaite LSO

SRCS-116 Maconchy Serenta Concertante for Violin and

 Orchestra; Symphony for Double String Orchestra / Parikian-

 violin Handley LSO @

     SRCS-117 Hurlstone Piano Trio in G; Piano Quartet in E Minor Op.

43 / Tunnel! Piano Quartet

SRCS-118 Ireland Songs Vol.3 / Mitchinson-tenor Hodgson-alto


     SRCS-119 Rubbra Symphony No. 7 in C Op. 88; Soliloquy for Cello

and Orchestra Op. 57 / Boult LPO de Saram-cello Handley LSO

     SRCS-120 Holst Suite de Ballet in Eb Op. 10; Warlock An Old Song

 for Small Orchestra; Serenade for Strings; Capriol Suite for Full

Orchestra / Braithwaite LPO Boult LSO

     SRCS-121/122 Alwyn Miss Julie / Gomez-soprano Luxon-baritone

Jones-mezzo Mitchinson-tenor Tausky PO

SRCS-123 Bantock Overture to a Greek Tragedy; Stanford Irish

Rhapsody No. 4 Op. 141 / Braithwaite PO/LPO

SRCS-124 Lloyd Symphony No. 5 / Downes/PO @

SRCS-125 Vaughan Williams The Sons of Light-A Cantata for

Chorus and Orchestra; Parry Ode to the Nativity, for Soprano,

Chorus and Orchestra / Cahill-soprano The Bach Choir-Royal

College of Music Chorus Willcocks LPO

SRCS-126 Leigh Concertino for Harpsichord and Strings;

Midsummer's Night Dream-Suite; Music for Strings; Overture and

Dance (The Frogs) / Pinnock-harpsichord Braithwaite LPO @

SRCS-127 Rubbra Symphony No. 6 Op. 80; Symphony No. 8 Op.

132 'Hommage a Teilhard de Chardin' / Del Mar PO

     SRCS-128 Holst The Lure, Ballet Music for Orchestra; Dances from

     'The Morning of the Year' Op. 45 No. 2; Mystic Trumpeter-Scena

     for Soprano and Orchestra Op. 18 / Armstrong-soprano Atherton


SRCS-129 Lloyd Symphony No. 4 in B / Downes PO

SRCS-130 Foulds Dynamic Triptych for Piano and Orchestra Op.

88; Vaughan Williams Piano Concerto in C / Shelley-piano

Handley RPO

     SRCS-131 Elgar Symphony No. I in Ab Op. 55; Symphony No. 2 in

Eb Op. 63 / Boult LPO

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