The cattery started as eight units built on an elevated base due to the slope of the land. Units were added to fill in the land space, but to avoid blocking views. The custom made two units in this picture offer full sized facilities in a narrow building by putting runs at right angle to the sleeping accommodation and offering cats a good view outside in two directions.

Each unit has a garden chair for cats to relax. It is a great favourite on a sunny day. Cats often sit on the viewing shelf to look out. All units have an outside view.

Cats are kept warm in their sleeping area by thermostatically controlled radiators. Owners are welcome to bring their cats own beds.

Feeding occurs twice daily unless indicated otherwise. Medicines, including injections, are carried out as instructed.

We have outside hutches and runs for rabbits and guinea pigs. We have five large hutches on concrete for the rabbits and fifteen smaller ones for the guinea pigs on grass. Indoors we often have gerbils, degues, hamsters, tortoises and caged birds etc.

The Cattery has been described by one customer as a village. We have had cats from as far as Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire, Shropshire, Mid Wales, Bala, The Wirral & North Wales coasts. We have even had two arrive from Spain, complete with passports.

Bwlchgwyn Cattery