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Bitech Bipolar Scissor logo Logo for wave double jointed scissors logo for micro bipolar scissors

BiTech Bipolar Scissors

NEW Supercut Bipolar scissors

NEW Micro Bipolar scissors and

NEW Wave Bipolar double jointed scissors

Delicate and standard scissor tips

Complete scissor picture

BiTech Bipolar Scissors

BiTech Bipolar Scissors product range available from Grazedean and manufactured in Germany has just introduced three new scissor types. Bipolar cables are also available to connect the BiTech scissors to the machine being utilised.

The first bipolar scissors to incorporate the Supercut blade are available now in 18 and 21cm sizes. The Micro scissors have also just been added to the range with smaller heads they are available as 13,14 & 17cm versions. The Wave bipolar scissor has a double jointed hinge allowing greater access into small areas and are designed with Thoracic and lift laparoscopy in mind. All new scissors still use the same single connecting post principle.

The BiTech Bipolar Scissor range is available in five curved metzenbaum sizes,14cm, 18cm, 21cm, 23cm and 28cm in the delicate range. Four scissors in the standard (18, 21, 23 & 28cm). Three sizes in the MIcro range and the Wave bipolar scissor.

Main picture: 2 pairs BiTech Bipolar Scissors.

The BiTech Bipolar Scissor range offers a range of advantages. The construction principle developed by Dr. J.Manushakian (patented US 6,3555,035 AND EPO 99107816.3) ensures that the scissors are easy to use and easy to repair. The design requires only a single input on one arm of the BiTech Bipolar Scissor and this significantly reduces the interference during operation.


The BiTech Bipolar scissors enable cutting and dissection with simultaneous bipolar coagulation. They can also be used for precise pinpoint or zone coagulation of blood vessels and tissue. The various working lengths allow the BiTech Bipolar Scissors to be used in a large number of open surgery applications.

Maintenance and repair
The scissor blades are joined by a standard steel scissor screw (1) which does not need to be insulated and as a result is not subject to wear, which conducts the current from one blade to the other. The ceramic blade (2) is blunt and does not require sharpening, but the second blade can be sharpened as a normal pair of scissors would be once the scissors have been separated.

Screw connection

Ceramic blade

Logo for wave double jointed bipolar scissor

Wave double joint bipolar scissor picture The Wave bipolar scissors enable the dissection and cutting of tissue with simultaneous or prior bipolar coagulation. Due to the bipolar technology, the coagulation areas are limited to a small area around the active jaw sections of the scissors or clamps, ensuring safe and efficient working.


Part number



BiTech Bipolar Scissor Delicate 18 cm curved


BiTech Bipolar Scissor Delicate 21 cm curved


BiTech Bipolar Scissor Delicate 23 cm curved


BiTech Bipolar Scissor Delicate 28 cm curved


BiTech Bipolar Scissor 18 cm curved


BiTech Bipolar Scissor 21 cm curved


BiTech Bipolar Scissor 23 cm curved


BiTech Bipolar Scissor 28 cm curved



BiTech SUPERCUT Bipolar Scissor 18 cm curved


BiTech SUPERCUT Bipolar Scissor 21 cm curved



BiTech Micro Bipolar Scissor 13 cm curved


BiTech Micro Bipolar Scissor 14 cm curved

94S-85717150 BiTech Micro Bipolar Scissor 17 cm curved
94W-85765012 Wave double jointed Bipolar Scissor curved

Cable Description

Part number

Two 4mm pins to scissor connection


Erbe style plug to scissor connection


Martin, Berchtold, Aesculap, GK55, GK60 to scissor connection


Valleylab, Lamidey two 4mm pins in a block to scissor connection



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