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Irrigated forceps straight and bayonet

Titanium bipolar forceps are used where lower instrument weight, non-magnetic and stainless qualities are required. The bipolar forceps jaws close accurately giving the surgeon confidence to carry out precise and delicate work, and the titanium alloy used ensures good wear resistance. To distinguish between the titanium bipolar forceps models and standard bipolar forceps models available, the connecting plug colour is black instead of blue.

Below is a table of the commonly used sizes and part numbers. Other lengths and specials are available if what you want is not listed - please contact us with your requirement.

Straight Titanium Bipolar Forceps

Tip width Plug type Length 180mm Length 200mm
0.5 x 8mm Flat plug connector 94T-80818204 94T-80820204
Twin pin connector 94T-80918204 94T-80920204
1 x 8mm Flat plug connector 94T-80818201 94T-80820201
Twin pin connector 94T-80918201 94T-80920201
2 x 8mm Flat plug connector 94T-80818202 94T-80820202
Twin pin connector 94T-80918202 94T-80920202

Bayonet Titanium Bipolar Forceps

Tip width

Plug type

Length 160mm Length 180mm Length 200mm Length 220mm Length 240mm

0.5 x 5mm

Flat plug connector

94T-80816304 94T-80818304 94T-80820304 94T-80822304 94T-80824304

Twin pin connector

94T-80916304 94T-80918304 94T-80920304 94T-80922304 94T-80924304

1 x 5mm

Flat plug connector

94T-80816301 94T-80818301 94T-80820301 94T-80822301 94T-80824301

Twin pin connector

94T-80916301 94T-80918301 94T-80920301 94T-80922301 94T-80924301

1.5 x 5mm

Flat plug connector

94T-80816303 94T-80818303 94T-80820303 94T-80822303 94T-80824303

Twin pin connector

94T-80918303 94T-80918303 94T-80920303 94T-80922303 94T-80924303
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